Journal Entry # 93 – Young Green Dragon

Journal Entry #93 It is day seven since we last saw Phillip. I fear he may never return. Everyone knows not to venture into the Misty Forest, but Phillip never listened to anyone. Would even he be crazy enough to enter the lair of a young green dragon? Several years ago a young green [...]

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Grixom’s Raiders Wanted: Dead or Alive Preview

On behalf of the Order of the Gauntlet, I, Ontharr Frume, Paladin of Torm, do hereby declare a bounty of 2,500 gold be paid to any adventurer who can bring Grixom’s Raiders to justice. Last seen raiding the towns and villages along the Sword Coast, Grixom and his band of fellow goblins are to be [...]

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Journal Entry #87 – Young Black Dragon

Journal Entry #87 We should have had more than enough strength to topple the Eternal Flame, that is, unless they knew we were coming. Borion the mighty Griffon was first to fall. His feathers scorched and burned from the fire trap set by the Eternal Flame. Ahnah Crimson seemed to be okay but she [...]

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Journal Entry #86 – Fire Cult Warrior

Journal Entry #85 ’Tis fitting that the Lords’ Alliance should come against us. We shall start with the Lords’ Alliance and their gilded cities! We of the Eternal Flame will prove that their riches will avail them naught. Yes, yes, the whole world will burn! Our greatest warrior, the Fire Cult Barbarian, Bastian Embers, [...]

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Journal entry #85 – Griffon Preview

Journal Entry #85 With the cults of the elemental evil growing more pervasive in the realm, I have joined up with the mightiest commanders of all of the factions to partake in one final quest to put an end to the spreading chaos. Borion and his well-renowned rider, Ahnah Crimson, have gathered a mighty [...]

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Journal Entry #82- Mind Flayer

With a hard-fought victory behind us, we rest while Janic converses with the newly arrived commanders of past campaigns. As they discuss our next move, my companions have taken this opportunity to reflect on past outings. I heard an astounding story of a dwarf’s journey into the Underdark and his encounter with Zeno, a mighty mind flayer arcanist.

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Journal Entry #81- Air Cult Warrior

We find ourselves locked in air combat with the Cult of the Howling Hatred. They have placed air elemental traps surrounding the lofty spire so our ground troops have been severely hampered in their efforts. The Feathergale Society has let loose several hippogriff riders to secure reinforcements for their encampment. Now we have two goals: stop the messengers and defeat the air cult army. Leading the elemental cultists astride a giant vulture is Mortimer Flax, an extremely devious air cult assassin.

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Journal Entry #80- Brass Dragon

With the growing sense of uneasiness due to the rise of the elemental cults, I have once again set out with companions new and old to see about keeping the expanding tide in check. Rumors have spread about a large force amassing in the Sumber Hills so we have been brought together to see what we can do to confirm this information and possibly begin steps to tail down this nefarious operation. Janic, a shrewd adult brass dragon, is leading the complement to Feathergale Spire to confront the Feathergale Society.

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Journal Entry #77- Young Blue Dragon

With the monastery secured and Lijanne’s remains resting peacefully in the surrounding hills, we have taken a moment to rest atop the ramparts. While we await Bellatoris and Milo to deliver new orders, we have begun to tell stories of our various exploits over the past season. Most interesting is a tale of a run-in with Ulharos, a young blue dragon. Numerous rumors have been told of the young offspring of Eshaedra, and our fellow confirmed many of them. The young dragon evidently takes great glee in finishing off his opponent, as if he grows stronger with the death of each foe. Like his mother, he wields devastating Lightning Breath and prefers to stay far from his target, all the better to Snipe at them from unsuspecting angles. Ever the Opportunist, Ulharos has no issue with seeking out an injured opponent and having his way with them.

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