Journal Entry #77- Young Blue Dragon

With the monastery secured and Lijanne’s remains resting peacefully in the surrounding hills, we have taken a moment to rest atop the ramparts. While we await Bellatoris and Milo to deliver new orders, we have begun to tell stories of our various exploits over the past season. Most interesting is a tale of a run-in with Ulharos, a young blue dragon. Numerous rumors have been told of the young offspring of Eshaedra, and our fellow confirmed many of them. The young dragon evidently takes great glee in finishing off his opponent, as if he grows stronger with the death of each foe. Like his mother, he wields devastating Lightning Breath and prefers to stay far from his target, all the better to Snipe at them from unsuspecting angles. Ever the Opportunist, Ulharos has no issue with seeking out an injured opponent and having his way with them.

To say that he is full of Hubris is evidently an understatement. The young dragon displayed great bouts of arrogance as he flew around the battlefield, delighting in each attack. He even displayed a Necklace of Adaptation as if to scoff at the attacks of his foes, showing further how lesser beings were almost below his notice. Many foes were impacted by a Ray of Sickness, growing weaker and more ineffective as the battle wore on. Luckily our companion was able to escape that encounter in one piece. I’m now confident that none of us will underestimate the young blue dragon if we ever happen to cross paths with him.

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