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Star Trek: Attack Wing

FAQs, Errata, Rulings & Clarifications

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General – 1 Token activate 1 Card Ability 

When you put Science Officer on Mr. Spock, you are adding two additional text abilities to his card. One Scan token may be used by one Upgrade to trigger only one ability. Wave 0 – Starter – Cheat Death 

• After playing Cheat Death your ship will have a number of Damage Cards equal to your Hull Value – 1. In other words, Cheat Death effectively puts you at 1 damage point away from destruction.

• When you play Cheat Death after your ship is instantly destroyed (e.g. Warp Core Breach, Suicide Attack), you add Damage Cards one at a time until the number of Damage Cards is equal to your Hull Value – 1. All face-up Damage Cards would still be flipped face-down as per the card’s text.

Wave 0 – Starter – Counter Attack 

Counter Attack may not trigger multiple times during the same round, but a player may choose to not trigger the effect if he wishes (e.g. to use the effect against a ship firing later in the round).

Wave 0 – Starter – Picard 

Gul Dukat, Spock and Picard allow you to perform the actions listed on their cards on a ship that does not have those Actions in its Action Bar.

Wave 0 – Starter – William T. Riker 

The effect of William T. Riker’s action cannot trigger multiple times during the same round.

Wave 0 – Starter – Enterprise D 

When the Enterprise-D or Voyager uses its special ability it is considered to be using its Primary Weapon and it gains +1 attack die at Range 1.

Wave 0 – Starter – Antimatter Mines 

When dropped on top of the Defiant, it is still considered to be “defending,” even though it does not roll any defense dice. Also note, this is not the case when the Defiant moves into mines (Antimatter or Cloaked) on a later turn.

Wave 0 – Valdore – Valdore 

If the Valdore performs two Green Maneuvers during the same Activation Phase it will only receive its attack bonus once, because the Valdore’s text only checks to see if you have performed at least one Green Maneuver. Wave 0 – Kraxon – Forward Weapons Grid 

You may not choose to fire the Forward Weapons Grid at only 1 enemy ship.

Wave 0 – Kraxon – Kraxon 

May use its ability to absorb damage, and trigger the text on the Counter Attack Upgrade. If the Kraxon only absorbs part of the damage received by the other ship, both the Kraxon and that other ship may each trigger the text on their separate Counter Attack Upgrades.

Wave 0 – Apnex – Apnex 

The Interphase Generator takes effect during Step 7 of the Combat Phase (Deal Damage). The [Hit] symbol should have been replaced with the word “damage.” This damage cannot be canceled by an Evade result. Wave 0 – Apnex – Mirok 

Mirok may use his card text to repair critical damage of his choice before repairing normal damage.

Wave 0 – Enterprise – Sulu 

The bonus to Agility affects each of your defense rolls during that round. Sulu adds to the ship’s Agility score, which has more lasting effects than simply adding a set number of dice that round.

Wave 0 – Gor Portas – Energy Dissipator 

When your ship has an Energy Dampening Token, it is still considered to be performing a Straight White 1 Maneuver.

Wave 0 – Groth – Concussive Charges 

• Concussive Charges deal damage in addition to removing tokens.

• Concussive Charges removes special tokens as well as the standard ones.

Wave 1 – Praetus – Cloaked Mines 

• You may deploy as many cloaked mines in one turn as you want.

• If a ship’s base is inside the cloaked mine trigger area before or after a sensor echo action it will take damage from the mines.

• Each ship may only be attacked by each minefield one time per turn. But also note that if you move out of the minefield you still have activated the mines and will still be attacked.

• You place your Cloaked Mines at the start of the Planning Phase. This does not mean that other players can negate your ability to use the Cloaked Mines by quickly placing their Maneuver Dials. It simply means that after you place your Cloaked Mines, your opponents are free to alter their Maneuver Dials.

• When a ship starts its move within Range 1 of an enemy’s Cloaked Mine, this works the same as the normal rules for a Minefield Token (see rulebook page 23), just with a wider range. If the ship moves beyond the Cloaked Mine’s Range, then it does not receive damage again this turn. But if it stays within the Cloaked Mine’s Range, then it does receive damage again this turn.

Wave 1 – 5th Wing – Suicide Attack 

Suicide Attack is considered an “attack” for card text purposes.

Wave 2 – Excelsior – Positron Beam 

You must use the Positron Beam at the start of the Planning Phase. This does not mean that other players can negate your ability to use the Positron Beam by quickly placing their Maneuver Dials. It simply means that after you use your Positron Beam, your opponents are free to alter their Maneuver Dials.

Wave 2 – Excelsior – Transwarp Drive 

Cannot be triggered from In’cha.

Wave 3 – USS Equinox – Maria Gilmore 

Maria Gilmore may use her ability against an opponent’s Ablative Generator. Maria’s ability does not allow you to absorb Damage Cards since you are not considered to actually possess a copy of the Upgrade. The effects of Maria’s ability expire at the end of the round.

Wave 3 – USS Equinox – Navigational Deflector 

The exact sequence for using the Navigational Deflector against a Minefield is as follows:

The ship enters a Minefield (or gets Antimatter Mines dropped on top of it). The Minefield owner rolls attack dice. The ship can disable its Navigational Deflector to cancel 1 hit and roll defense dice against the remainder (no +4 bonus dice for Cloak unless it is the Combat Phase). Afterwards, the Navigational Deflector goes offline until the Disabled token is removed. Wave 4 – USS Voyager – Ablative Generator 

• When the Ablative Generator Upgrade is redeployed, the existing damage remains with the Ablative Generator Card.

• If you do not own the Ablative Generator during the End Phase, the Ablative Generator token is discarded.

Wave 4 – USS Voyager – B’Elanna Torres 

Any card that adds slots to a ship only adds those slots during fleet building.

Wave 4 – USS Voyager – Seven of Nine 

• Each player may have only one Adaptation Token from Seven of Nine (Voyager).

• If Seven of Nine (Voyager) is stolen by the Borg, her new owner may use her adapted technology.

• Seven of Nine (Voyager) may use her ability against an opponent’s Ablative Generator. If she does, she may do this multiple times. When her ship activates the adapted Token, you must drop your own ship’s Shields and de-Cloak, if applicable. Place all received Damage Cards beneath the Adaptation Token Reference Card for easy reference.

Wave 4 – Borg Sphere 4270 – Borg Sphere 4270 

When firing at two different ships at Range 1, it will receive +1 bonus against both ships even though the ship is making one attack against two targets.

Wave 4 – Borg Sphere 4270 – Feedback Pulse 

• Is declared before ANY dice are rolled. So it would be used between steps 1 & 2 of the Combat Phase. The attacker states who is attacking and who the target is and feedback pulse is declared before ANY dice are rolled.

• All of the defender’s Defense Dice must be rolled as normal.

• When Feedback Pulse is used it only affects damage cards, not special effects.

Example: Borg Missiles would not deal any damage from the attack, but the attacker would not take any damage because Borg Missiles do not deal normal damage.

• When a ship uses Feedback Pulse to defend itself, any critical damage that would be reflected back on the attacker is converted into normal damage before reflecting back on the attacker.

• Feedback Pulse protects you from anything defined as an attack, such as Suicide Attack or having an Antimatter Minefield dropped on top of your ship. It does not protect you from non-attack damage sources, such as Will Riker’s text or running into a Minefield during the Activation Phase.

Wave 4 – Bioship Alpha – Bioship Alpha Pilot 

The ability takes place after all other maneuver dials (including your friendly ships) have been locked in. If there are multiple Bioship Alpha Pilots in play, then their abilities trigger in initiative order. Wave 4 – Bioship Alpha – Quantum Singularity 

• While a ship affected by Quantum Singularity is outside the play area, it is still considered to be in play for the purposes of determining game victory.

• If a ship is unable to enter the play area during the End Phase (i.e. due to a large number of ships spread out throughout the play area) the ship is destroyed.

• A ship may return to the play area on top of an obstacle. You can place the ship anywhere that is entirely within the play area but not on top of something with which it cannot co-exist (Planet token). When placed on top of an obstacle or Minefield token (or close to a Cloaked Mine), it would suffer the same penalties as moving there.

Wave 5 – Tactical Cube 138 – Borg Ablative Hull Armor 

• Does not protect you from non-damage effects, such as Energy Dissipator.

• When a player manages to assign critical hits to Borg Ablative Armor (such as through the use of Toreth), ongoing effects against the ship (like Stunned Helmsman) do not have any effect. But immediate effects (like Direct Hit!) do occur.

• When you have two Borg Ablative Hull Armor Upgrades on the same ship you must choose one of the Upgrades to receive all of the damage. You may, however, assign any excess damage to the other Upgrade.

Wave 5 – Tactical Cube 138 – Borg Missile 

• Cards that state “does not/do not roll defense dice” only modify the number of dice that are rolled, they do not skip or cancel that step of attacking or defending. Evade tokens may be spent during the modify defense dice step of combat.

• When attacking with a Borg Missile, you place 1 Auxiliary Power Token beside the target ship if there are any uncanceled hits or critical hits. This is in addition to destroying 1 Active Shield (if any) for each uncanceled hit or critical hit.

Wave 5 – Tactical Cube 138 – Borg Tractor Beam 

When a Borg Tractor Beam token is placed beside your ship it does not change your currently chosen maneuver. It only affects the maneuvers that you may select during the Planning Phase.

Wave 5 – Tactical Cube 138 – Borg Queen 

• When she redeploys to another Borg ship she may keep a Fleet Captain assigned to her, but she will not be followed by her Elite Talents. The Fleet Captain Resource is assigned to the Captain; the Elite Talents are assigned to the ship.

• May use her ability (to transfer to a new ship) on a ship that no longer has a Captain. To clarify, ships are never without a Captain. If a Captain is disabled or discarded for any reason, that ship is considered to have a 0 point 1 Skill Captain taking the command chair. The Queen may use her text to replace that Captain.

Wave 5 – Interceptor Five – Maneuverability 

You may overlap a planet or not (and willingly slide back along your maneuver template if you choose).

Wave 6 – 2nd Division Cruiser – Volley of Torpedoes 

Only other “Torpedo” upgrades may be used in the follow-up attack. It may not be followed by another Volley of Torpedoes.

Wave 6 – Soong – Lore The first part of his ability, “You may assign any [Elite Talent] Upgrade to your ship, regardless of Faction restriction,” means that you can assign an [Elite Talent] Upgrade from any Faction to Lore’s ship, even if it can only be purchased for a specific Faction (e.g. “This Upgrade may only be purchased for a Vulcan Captain on a Vulcan ship”).

The second part of his ability, “…and you do not pay a Faction penalty when assigning any [Elite Talent] Upgrade to your ship,” simply means that if you assign an [Elite Talent] Upgrade to Lore’s ship that does not match his ship’s Faction, you do not pay the additional +1 SP. NOTE: Lore’s ability only applies to purchasing [Elite Talent] Upgrades for his ship. If an ability refers to an effect that is dependent on a specific Faction that is different than Lore’s Faction, that ability cannot be used by Lore (e.g. “…if this Upgrade is equipped to a Bajoran Ship with a Bajoran Captain, you gain +2 attack dice…”). As Lore is an Independent Captain, and not a Bajoran Captain, he cannot use this ability.

Wave 7 – Scout 608 – Tactical Drone 

The Unique Tactical Drone from Scout 608 is labeled correctly, but you may still use non-unique tactical drones with this Captain. You just can’t have two of this particular Tactical Drone.

Wave 7 – Enterprise NX-01 – Phlox 

You must finish the card text enabling all cards before another card may disable to keep Phlox from disabling.

Wave 7 – Ni’Var – Kuvak 

ERRATA Is a Vulcan Captain.

Wave 8 – USS Enterprise-E – Advanced Shields 

When used with Improved Shields and the ship takes 1 damage, both effects occur at the same time. You may choose which one applies first and which Shield token to discard.

Wave 8 – USS Enterprise-E – Dorsal Phaser Array 

• Is a secondary Weapon and does not get a range bonus.

• May be used on a Federation ship with Hull Value of 3 and a Flagship that increases Hull Value by 1.

• If stolen/redeployed, it takes on the stats of the new ship, but if the new ship is not a Federation ship with a hull of 4 or more, the Dorsal Phaser Array must be discarded.

Wave 8 – USS Enterprise-E – Secondary Impulse Reactor 

If a Red Maneuver is performed, it incurs another Auxiliary Power Token.

Wave 8 – USS Enterprise-E – William T Riker 

• The targeted card’s Action is that it is now a Free Action. You still must pay any cost printed in the text.

• May only be used with cards that state ACTION in the text.

Wave 8 – Val Jean – Ramming Attack 

You only attack the first ship that your base comes into contact with. Wave 8 – Queen Vessel Prime – Borg Queen 

• If she replaces a Captain (see the Additional Rules Card about Admirals) you would then place 7 Drone Tokens on her to indicate her Captain skill and spend on abilities. Her only abilities are stated on her card.

• When the Wave 8 Admiral Borg Queen uses her fleet Action, she targets another ship. That ship then uses an Upgrade as a free Action. The Action being used as a free Action must pay the cost stated on the card. No ship may perform the same Action twice (see page 12 of the Manual) in a single round.

Wave 8 – Queen Vessel Prime – Borg Shield Matrix 

“This upgrade has no effect on a Species 8472 ship” means the card does not interact with Species 8472 ships.

In this case, if an 8472 ship damages the ship using the Shield Matrix, no tokens would be added and the tokens would not give any bonus against the attack.

Wave 8 – Queen Vessel Prime – Transwarp Signal 

May be used between any phase of the round.

Wave 9 – Chang’s Bird of Prey – Prototype Cloaking Device 

May only be purchased for a Klingon Bird-of-Prey class ship. The K’Vort class and B’Rel class are classed differently and do not count. Prototype Cloaking Device can only be purchased for a ship with the exact ship class of “Klingon Bird-Of-Prey.”

Wave 9 – Chang’s Bird of Prey – The Game’s Afoot 

You are not required to do a sensor echo to use this card. However, a ship may not do the same action twice in a round. If your ship has already performed a sensor echo you cannot do another sensor echo as a Free Action.

Wave 9 – Scimitar – Attack Pattern Shinzon Theta 

• The additional damage happens after the normal hits are applied, but before critical damage is applied.

Example: You roll your attack dice. Your target rolls defense dice. During the Deal Damage step of the Combat Phase you apply your damage to the target ship. After applying damage, but before applying critical damage, you may discard this card to add damage equal to the number of uncanceled critical hits remaining. Then apply the additional damage before applying the critical damage to your target.

• If the opponent has no shields left, the remaining Critical Hits will hit the Hull. The additional damage from the Elite Talent may only be applied to the target ship’s shields and has no effect against the target’s Hull.

Wave 9 – Scimitar – Secondary Shields 

You may not add the extra shields as Active Shields on a Cloaked ship.

Wave 9 – Scimitar – Shinzon 

• Shinzon may take ANY Romulan Elite Talent upgrade regardless of price.

• Shinzon may not take a Unique Elite Talent that is deployed to another Captain in your fleet.

• The card text and special Elite Talents are not affected by the Independent Fleet Captain Resource that grants an Elite Talent upgrade, and his card text is used in place of using any normal Elite Talents.

Wave 9 – Scimitar – Thalaron Weapon 

A sample attack with Thalaron Weapon:

• Attacker has 6 damage not canceled by defense dice, evasion tokens, etc.

• Defender chooses to use Koss to protect the crew.

• Defender applies damage card 1 to crewmember 1, protected by Koss.

• Defender applies damage card 2 to crewmember 2, protected by Koss.

• Defender applies damage card 3 to Captain. Captain is discarded, Admiral becomes new Captain.

• Defender applies damage card 4 to new Captain (former Admiral). New Captain (former Admiral) is discarded.

• Defender applies damage card 5 to Koss. Koss is discarded and his text no longer protects the crew from the damage cards placed on them.

• Crewmember 1 is discarded.

• Crewmember 2 is discarded.

• Apply 1 damage to the hull or shields.

When the Thalaron Weapon is used on a ship with Koss, Koss protects all of your Upgrades. Damage is applied to each Upgrade, and ONLY if there is more than enough damage to affect all of your Upgrades AND your Captain would be affected, since the target (not the attacker) chooses where the damage is applied. When enough damage is applied to force the target to apply damage to Koss, Koss is discarded and is no longer able to protect the other Upgrades from the damage applied to them.

Wave 9 – ISS Defiant – Jennifer Sisko 

• When both players possess Jennifer Sisko, the player with initiative may activate her first.

• If a player disables another Jennifer Sisko before activating, the second Jennifer Sisko does not activate.

Wave 9 – ISS Defiant – Julian Bashir 

When a ship is targeted, it will only be able to attack or assist in an attack against the ship Julian Bashir is deployed to.

Wave 9 – ISS Defiant – Mirror Universe Starship 

ERRATA – Mirror Universe Starship (Defiant Class) (I.S.S. Defiant Expansion Pack) is 22 pts.

Wave 9 – ISS Defiant – Multi Targeting Phaser Banks 

ERRATA — This card should read:

“When you perform a Target Lock action, you may disable this card to acquire a 2nd target lock on a different enemy ship within Range 1-3 of your ship. You may have up to 2 different enemy ships target locked at the same time even if this card is disabled.”

Wave 9 – ISS Defiant – Strafing Run 

• This card will only work outside of the forward firing arc.

• The upgrade does not work on a ship with a 360-degree arc.

• Attacks with Strafing Run would be subject to range modifications. ERRATA – This Card has the Mirror Universe Unique Symbol.

Wave 9 – ISS Defiant – Rebellion 

ERRATA – This Card has the Mirror Universe Unique Symbol.

Wave 10 – Regent’s Flagship – Make It So 

ERRATA – This Card has the Mirror Universe Unique Symbol.

Wave 10 – Regent’s Flagship – I Will Deal with Them Myself 

ERRATA – This Card has the Mirror Universe Unique Symbol.

Wave 10 – Regent’s Flagship – Intendant’s Orders 

ERRATA – This Card has the Mirror Universe Unique Symbol.

Wave 10 – 1st Wave Attack Fighters – Break Formation 

• The maximum number of dice you may roll in an attack with Break Formation is 3. If Galor Class Phaser Bank is equipped, you may attack at Range 3.

Wave 10 – 1st Wave Attack Fighters – Escort 

Participating in a Flanking Attack is considered an attack, the same as ships assisting in a Barrage of Fire. Therefore, if you took the action on Escort you cannot not use Flanking Attack in the same round.

Wave 10 – 1st Wave Attack Fighters – Flanking Attack 

• Fighters may not participate in any attack using Flanking Attack at range 3. Their range is restricted to Range 2.

• A ship (squadron) that has attacked may not participate in a Flanking Attack later in the round.

Wave 10 – 1st Wave Attack Fighters – Galor Class Phaser Bank 

The maximum number of dice you may roll in an attack when Galor Class Phaser Banks is equipped is 6.

Wave 11 – Fighter Squadron 6 – Squad Leader 

When you do the action on Squad Leader you target a friendly ship and that ship may perform an ACTION listed on its Captain card as a free action.

Wave 11 – Prototype 01 – Backup Sequencer 

If a player chooses to raise a ship’s Shields, then the player must immediately remove the Cloak Token and will not gain any of the benefits from being cloaked.

Wave 11 – Alpha Hunter – Stalking Mode 

• The attack bonus only affects the ship that took the action to use Stalking Mode, and only during attacks.

• Triggering Mines during the movement phase does not get the +1 attack dice. The Mines are doing the attack, not the ship.

Deep Space 9 – Deep Space 9 

• Normally you cannot use a ship’s cards, base token, or maneuver dial with another ship even if the ships share a name. (Example: USS Enterprise and the USS Enterprise [Refit]). But in the case of Deep Space Nine, you may use the cards, base tokens, and maneuver dial interchangeably between the Retail and the Dominion War prize.

• When large ships of similar size bump each other, they act as normal sized ships bumping each other. See page 18 of the Manual for overlapping other ships.

Deep Space 9 – Julian Bashir 

When Julian Bashir triggers another card’s action which requires that other card to Disable or Discard, that card must be discarded or disabled.

Deep Space 9 – Odo 

Odo only makes the Action from the disabled card a free Action. Odo would be performing the action listed on the disabled card and must pay any cost in the card text. So Odo would be discarded.

Deep Space 9 – Quark 

• You must pay any penalties in the card text and faction penalty when placing a card under Quark.

• You do not pay for Quark’s Upgrade.

• You may not change Quark’s Upgrade between tournament rounds. Squads are reviewed and approved by the Judge/TO at the start of a tournament and cannot be altered in any way.

• If Quark is moved from a ship onto the reinforcement Sideboard, his Upgrade moves with him.

• If Quark starts the game on the reinforcement Sideboard, he still will choose an Upgrade and place it under him. Treat the Sideboard as a ship with a “Universal” Faction when considering the cost of any Upgrade to place under Quark if he is on your Sideboard. There is no Faction penalty, but other card-text-based penalties or restrictions would apply.

Cube 112 – Cube 112 

Each attack is a separate instance of spending a Drone token. Magnus Hansen wilil only allow you to reduce the cost of one attack; the other 2 will still cost 1 Drone token each.

Cube 384 – Borg Support Vehicle Dock 

A ship with the Borg Support Vehicle Dock or the Borg Support Vehicle Token assigned to it may not dock with shuttlecraft or act as a “Capital Ship” for either a shuttlecraft or an Attack Squadron.

Dominion War – Month 1 – Krayton – Missile Launchers 

You are making 2 attacks with Missile Launchers. Continuous Bonuses would affect both attacks and tokens could only be spent to effect 1 attack.

Dominion War – Month 1 – Krayton – Missile Launchers 

ERRATA – The “Ferengi” Generic Captain is not unique.

Dominion War – Month 2 – Ch’Tang – Barrage of Fire 

• A ship that attacks during the Combat Phase cannot assist during a Barrage of Fire.

• When a ship’s attack is increased in some way, this does not boost its Primary Weapon Value for purposes of the Barrage of Fire.

• When a Cloaked ship assists during a Barrage of Fire, it must flip its Cloak Token over to the red side. The ship is still considered to have “fired” this turn.

• No ship may assist in a Barrage of Fire where the target is at Range 3 or greater due to the range restriction on Barrage of Fire.

Dominion War – Month 2 – Command Tokens 

• You may use only one Command Token during each game round.

• The Command Tokens are used as appropriate for the ability provided by the token:

• Tokens that provide a free Action are used during the ship’s Perform Actions step during the Activation Phase.

• Tokens that let you re-roll dice are used during the appropriate Modify Dice step of the Combat Phase.

• Tokens that are used “before rolling any of your [attack or defense] dice” are used right before rolling those dice.

Dominion War – Month 3 – Khazara – Romulan Pilot 

The free Action is not considered a “Scan Action,” and it can be performed in addition to a Scan Action. This would allow a ship to have 2 Scan Tokens, each independently affecting enemy ships attacked that round.

Dominion War – Month 3 – Reinforcements Sideboard 

• You do not need to include 1 of each Upgrade type.

• You do not pay Faction penalty when placing cards on the Reinforcements Sideboard.

• If an Upgrade has an additional cost listed in the card text, you must pay this penalty.

• You may only use the Reinforcements Sideboard once per game round.

• The cards that start on the Reinforcements Sideboard are linked to the Sideboard for scoring purposes. Therefore, if a match ends in a tie, any Sideboard cards currently on ships (or tucked under Ship Cards) do not count for scoring purposes.

Any cards that started the match in play but are now on the Reinforcements Sideboard are considered out of play as well, so they also do not count for scoring purposes.

• If a player eliminates all of his opponent’s ships, then he scores 10 points for that opponent’s Reinforcements Sideboard. If a player does not eliminate his opponent’s ships, then he does not score those points.

Dominion War – Month 4 – Flagship Cards 

• When designating a non-Independent ship as an Independent Flagship, the ship now possesses both Factions. This removes Faction penalties for Independent cards placed on that ship.

• The Primary Weapon bonus on a Flagship card does not increase the damage of the Enterprise-D’s special ability.

• The Independent Flagship “2nd Action listed on its Action Bar as free Action this round” can only grant a free Action to a ship that has already performed exactly 1 Action (of any kind) during that round. That free Action must be from the target ship’s Action Bar.

Dominion War – Month 5 – Rav Laerst – Rav Laerst 

The special Sensor Echo of Rav Laerst and Chang’s Bird-of-Prey cannot be augmented by Synon.

Tholian Web – Tholia One – Energy Web 

This upgrade may only place 1 Energy Web token per turn.

Tholian Web – Skilled Helmsman 

The Full About Maneuver is a Red Maneuver.

Arena – Full Alert 

You may be played as a free Action, assuming no other free Actions had been taken before or after.

Arena – S’Gorn – Faked Messages 

Faked Messages may be used to force a ship to do a maneuver that is not on its maneuver dial.

Collective – Blind Booster – 3rd Wing Attack Ship – Ion Thrusters 

Ion Thrusters and Transwarp Drive do not work together. Ion Thrusters activates from a Maneuver that is revealed and adds +1 to the maneuver number revealed only. Transwarp Drive states that if you reveal a 4 or 5 Forward you disregard the dial and may perform a 6 Forward INSTEAD OF what you revealed. You do not reveal a 6 Forward with Transwarp so it does not allow Ion Thrusters to trigger.

Collective – Blind Booster – 3rd Wing Attack Ship – Seskal 

To trigger her ability you must have had at least 1 shield and it must have been destroyed.

Collective – Month 2 – Ti’Mur – Combat Vessel Variant 

If disabled or discarded, you will lose the +1 to weapon and hull value. If this causes the number of damage cards currently assigned to the ship to equal the now-unmodified hull value, your ship is destroyed.

Collective – Month 2 – Ti’Mur – Koss 

• ERRATA The text should read: “While Koss is on your ship, none of your other Upgrades can be affected by your opponents. Discard this card after it protects another Upgrade card.”

• Koss (or Dispersion Field) will prevent all of your upgrades from being disabled by Klingon Boarding Party.

Collective – Month 2 – Fleet Captain 

• Reduce the cost to 0 and then apply all penalties (including faction penalty) and any additional cost printed on the card.

• If the Captain it is assigned to is disabled, Fleet Captain is unusable until the Captain is enabled.

Collective – Month 3 – Science Officer 

• You may only spend 1 Scan token per round unless a card states you may spend multiple tokens to pay for its effect.

• Science Officer will only “double” the effect of one Scan token.

Collective – Month 3 – Fleet Captain 

Independent Fleet Captain makes your Captain dual-Faction: both their original Faction and Independent.

Collective – Month 3 – Stargazer – Tactical Station ERRATA – This card is unique.

Collective – Month 3 – Assimilation Target Prime – Biogenic Charge 

Is a “?” upgrade and would not benefit from any discounts targeting weapons or Borg upgrades.

Collective – Month 3 – Target Assimilation Prime – Fire All Weapons 

• You may use with Fire At Will.

• All attacks are at -1 attack die.

• You may target the primary attack from Fire All Weapons at the ship you targeted with your primary attack from Fire at Will.

Collective – Month 3 – Assimilation Target Prime – Regeneration Sequencers 

Whenever a card uses the word “OR,” that card has two different and distinct abilities that are separate from each other. In this case you may repair 1 hull whenever you discard another upgrade on this ship OR as a separate function you may discard the card and spend a drone token to repair up to 2 damage to your hull.

Collective – Month 3 – Target Assimilation Prime – We Won’t Go Back 

When using either a primary or a secondary weapon to attack a target ship, the attacking ship is doing the targeting — not any of its upgrades, or even secondary weapons.

Collective – Month 3 – Assimilation Target Prime – William T. Riker Will not trigger off of free Actions.

Resistance – Blind Booster – Bok’s Marauder – Thought Maker 

The player looks at their dial during that ship’s turn of the Activation Phase and then decides whether or not to place an Auxiliary token.

Resistance – Blind Booster – Scout 255 – Dispersion Field ERRATA —The text on this card should read:

“While this card is deployed to your ship none of your other Upgrades can be affected by your opponents. Discard this card after it protects another Upgrade card. In addition, you may roll your full defense dice in spite of the presence of an opposing ship’s [Scan] token.”

Resistance – Month 1 – Avatar of Tomed – Salatrel 

Additions to Captain Skill are applied before any game text changes the Captain’s skill.

Example: Salatrel is on the same ship as Admiral Kirk. Salatrel has a Captain Skill of 7 (a printed 5 +2 from Admiral Kirk). If her game text is activated it will override her current skill and set it to 10.

Resistance – Month 1 – Avatar of Tomed – Borg Alliance 

The Drone tokens do not affect Captain Skill and are to be spent on an upgrade that requires them. Resistance – Month 3 – High Yield Photon Torpedoes Only affects “Photon Torpedo” Upgrades.