Journal Entry #93

It is day seven since we last saw Phillip. I fear he may never return. Everyone knows not to venture into the Misty Forest, but Phillip never listened to anyone. Would even he be crazy enough to enter the lair of a young green dragon?

Several years ago a young green dragon, named Chuth, decided to make the Misty Forest his home. Ever since then, anyone who enters the Misty Forest is never seen or heard from again. The elders say green dragons are fiercely Territorial and will not tolerate anyone invading their homes. Chuth is no exception to this rule.  He is sly and clever, outwitting his enemies with surprise maneuvers, using his Poison Breath to disperse Debilitating Poison on his foes.

Chuth is said to have Eyes of the Eagle that allow him to see trespassers from a far distance. Once inside the Misty Forest, Chuth will stalk and surround his prey using the other woodland creatures as his pawns of Intimidation towards the interloper. Also a powerful magic user, Chuth has been known to favor Sleep spells. Chuth uses these spells to incapacitate his foes or take them prisoner.

Things are looking bleak for my dear brother, Phillip. I can only hope he somehow escaped the Misty Forest without drawing Chuth’s attention and wrath. Is there anyone who can stand up to the terror of the Misty Forest and free us from the tyranny of Chuth?

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