Journal Entry #85

With the cults of the elemental evil growing more pervasive in the realm, I have joined up with the mightiest commanders of all of the factions to partake in one final quest to put an end to the spreading chaos. Borion and his well-renowned rider, Ahnah Crimson, have gathered a mighty company to lay siege to the Scarlet Moon Keep in hopes of snuffing out the Cult of the Eternal Flame. With Alfie Butterblade off on other duties, the glory of leading this force is something the half-elf knight is ready to do.

Borion is rumored to be a fierce combatant according to others of my company. He is known to Pounce upon his enemies; slashing with sharp claws after rending their armor with his terrifying bite. If his opponent is surprisingly able to survive that, he has even been known to Rake them with his hind claws as well. His Keen Sight allows him to survey the battlefield from afar and readily form tactics to swiftly turn the tide of battle to his favor. Ahnah has even been entrusted with a Pale Green Ioun Stone which should further shift the tide of battle into our favor. With such a monumental task ahead of us, and a powerful force behind us, I have a feeling the Cult of the Eternal Flame will soon be of little worry to those in the Sumber Hills.

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