Journal Entry #80- Brass Dragon

With the growing sense of uneasiness due to the rise of the elemental cults, I have once again set out with companions new and old to see about keeping the expanding tide in check. Rumors have spread about a large force amassing in the Sumber Hills so we have been brought together to see what we can do to confirm this information and possibly begin steps to tail down this nefarious operation. Janic, a shrewd adult brass dragon, is leading the complement to Feathergale Spire to confront the Feathergale Society. Having witnessed the might of dragons before, I am at ease knowing that her flame breath will be a great boon in the coming battle. When outright damage is not in order, she can always rely on her sleep breath to pacify our opponents and easily turn the tide of battle.

While we know not for certain what lies ahead, I have great confidence that Janic’s draconic nature will serve us well in the upcoming battle, as she seems to be impacted to a much lesser degree by many of the effects that can decimate myself and my companions. She has brought along a gem of seeing that will help her see through the magical defenses of opponents to ensure her attacks hit home. When brute force is ineffective, she can even charm her opponents, causing them to fall under her power and fight for our side if need be. As we near our target, Janic has warned us of the air elemental traps that await us. It appears the Cult of the Howling Hatred has established a foothold in this area as rumored. This visit has suddenly become more dangerous than anticipated.

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