Journal Entry #81- Air Cult Warrior

We find ourselves locked in air combat with the Cult of the Howling Hatred. They have placed air elemental traps surrounding the lofty spire so our ground troops have been severely hampered in their efforts. The Feathergale Society has let loose several hippogriff riders to secure reinforcements for their encampment. Now we have two goals: stop the messengers and defeat the air cult army. Leading the elemental cultists astride a giant vulture is Mortimer Flax, an extremely devious air cult assassin. We’ve already witnessed the ferocious nature of the beast and its ability to disembowel its victims. Mortimer’s attacks grow more haphazard as the battle rages, likely due to the fact he has little fear of falling to his death thanks to his wingwear. Several of his troops have leapt from their own steeds and surprised some of our more daring ground troops thanks to the suit’s ability to allow them safe descent to the earth below.

The airborne troops seem to be manipulating the air currents to their advantage. Their stealth has greatly increased their combat effectiveness, allowing them to get into the most advantageous position available before striking down their target. The astounding skill at evasion they continually display has allowed them to avoid many of the breath and spell attacks my companions have thrown at them. With their superior maneuverability, it’s saddening to witness the ease with which they assassinate our key players. My heart grew heavy as I watched a dear friend fall victim to the lingering effect of a wound inflicted by a dagger of venom. Even with the odds so vastly against us, we must press on and secure another victory. The harpers are counting on us to use our momentum from previous encounters to win this day. We must prevent the messengers from getting word to the air cult prophet or this day will surely be lost.

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