Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today’s preview of DC Comics HeroClix: 15th Anniversary – Elseworlds features the technologist of Planetary – The Drummer!

DC Comics HeroClix: Elseworlds - The Drummer

The Drummer’s forte in HeroClix is being an amazing support piece whether you’re building towards his keywords of Planetary, Detective and Scientist or just enjoying his talents on a non-themed team.

We’ll start with the trait of this mysterious member of Planetary, named Reading the Information Flows. The Drummer shows off his techno-savvy by preventing an opposing character’s use of Outwit, Perplex, or Probability Control once during their turn if they are within range and line of fire – which is easy to accomplish with The Drummer’s terrific range of 10! He also starts with two clicks of a special power, Planetary: Archaeologists of the Impossible, in his damage slot, which allows The Drummer to use Outwit or Perplex once per turn. After the special power is gone, The Drummer continues showing off tricks from his mastery of electronics with Perplex for his remaining two clicks. You’ll want to keep him safely drumming away from a distance to get the most of these talents, considering his short 4-click dial.

The Drummer doesn’t really have the chops for combat, though he does have some protection in the form of Energy Shield/Deflection for his entire dial to help against range attacks. He also possesses Sidestep on all four clicks, which gives him some extra mobility to get into position for his support powers or just gets him out of trouble.

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