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Celebrating today’s release of DC Comics HeroClix: 15th Anniversary – Elseworlds we have a special strategy article for your dice rolling enjoyment. Today we have several alternate reality Green Lanterns to add to your Corps rosters; Green Lantern of Gotham, Green Lantern of Krypton, Green Oracle, and the mystical Tangent universe Green Lantern! Visit your Friendly Local Game Store today to get our hands on the new set and participate in a Release Day Organized Play Event!

DC Comics HeroClix: 15th Anniversary - Elseworlds - Green Lantern of Gotham

First off, bringing some flight and ranged prowess to the Batman Family keyword and stealth to the Green Lantern Corps is Green Lantern of Gotham. As a version of Bruce Wayne the Green Lantern of Gotham can be used as a call-in option for the Batman ID Card from the World’s Finest set, so it may be a good option to keep him on your sideline when using the ID Card. You might also find utility for him on your sideline with the From An Alternate Earth trait that lets you switch out a friendly character named Batman or Green Lantern of equal or higher points with this figure on the same click number. For 105 points his basic dial-top has a 7 range value with a single target, the Flight and Indomitable symbols, and the Green Lantern Corps team ability letting him carry up to 8 adjacent friendly characters when he uses the carry ability. He has a second trait, All This Power Limited By My Will that lets him use Barrier as a free action if he has 2 action tokens on him. Green Lantern of Gotham starts the game with a special speed power called Emerald Knight that lets him use Phasing/Teleport, Running Shot, and Stealth. He also starts with Telekinisis, Energy Shield/Deflection with an already respectable 18 defense, and Outwit. After he takes a small hit he goes on the defensive, preferring to escape the center of the fight with Phasing/Teleport, Precision Strike, Toughness, and Perplex. Late-dial he limps around and returns to his ranged combat roots with Sidestep, Energy Shield/Deflection again, and Ranged Combat Expert.

He is a solid team player able to carry his teammates into the fray, stay hidden, counter powers, move pieces around the battlefield with Telekinesis, and can handle himself with respectable ranged attack potential when he winds up further down his dial.

DC Comics HeroClix: 15th Anniversary - Elseworlds - Green Lantern of Krypton

In an alternate reality where human boy Clark Kent is sent into space by his rocket scientist father, Jonathan Kent, and lands on Krypton to be raised by Jor-El, the young Clark discovers a Green Lantern Ring that he wields to save Krypton from destruction. He eventually returns to his birth planet to find an environmental wasteland polluted by the industrial war machines of the dictator Lex Luthor.

The Green Lantern of Krypton comes to your HeroClix table with the Green Lantern Corps, Kryptonian, and Metropolis keywords, the Green Lantern Corps team ability, and two point values to choose from at 125 or 100 points. He also has the From An Alternate Earth trait that lets him be switched from your sideline if you have a Superman or Green Lantern on your force of greater or equal points. He is also useful to sideline with the Superman ID Card also from World’s Finest. With the Flight symbol and 7 range he starts off as more of a ranged attacker no matter which point value you play him at. For 125 points he begins with two clicks of Running Shot, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, Energy Shield/Deflection, and the special damage power You Won’t Shoot, If You Know What’s Good For You that lets Green Lantern of Krypton use Probability Control when he is targeted with a range attack. For his lesser 100 point version, he stays mobile with Sidestep but takes to dealing splash damage to groups of characters with Energy Explosion, gains some damage reduction with Toughness, and keeps his special damage power. No matter which point value you play, late dial he starts to get used to Earth’s atmosphere and realizes his time on Krypton with its heavier gravity toughened him up compared to average Earthlings and he becomes a close combat powerhouse. He gets a special speed power called My Body Adapted To Living On Krypton that lets him use Charge and Improved Movement: Ignore Blocking Terrain and destroy it after moving. This is especially handy since he also gains Super Strength, Invulnerability, and Perplex.

DC Comics HeroClix: 15th Anniversary - Elseworlds - Green Oracle

In a universe where all males on Earth were wiped out by a cosmic plague, except for Superman and Lex Luthor, Kyle Rayner’s Green Lantern Ring found its way to Barbara Gordon, the Oracle, and she was able to use the ring to regain the use of her legs and carry the mantle of guardian of sector 2814 as Green Oracle.

Just like the Green Lantern of Gotham, Green Oracle has the Batman Family and Green Lantern Corps keywords and the From An Alternate Earth trait that lets you switch to her from your sideline with another character named either Oracle, Batgirl, or Green Lantern of the same or greater point value. Considering Green Oracle is only 50 points you should have plenty of opportunities to keep her sidelined. For that 50 points she becomes the taxi service extraordinaire with the Flight symbol, 12 movement with Phasing/Teleport, Energy Shield/Deflection, alternating Perplex and Outwit with a 7 range value, and two team abilities. She has the JLA team symbol letting her take move actions that do not count against your action total and the Green Lantern Corps team symbol letting her carry up to 8 friendly characters when she uses the Carry ability. Her attack values are on the lighter side but she has a steady 3 damage value for her whole 4 click dial.

DC Comics HeroClix: 15th Anniversary - Elseworlds - Green Lantern

Finishing up the group of alternate universe Green Lanterns, we have the Green Lantern that appeared in DC’s Tangent Comics imprint, a short lived line that had vastly different takes on many of DC Comics’ main characters and titles. In this case, the Green Lantern can place her lantern on top of a grave to resurrect the dead to give them an opportunity to take care of unfinished business. She was one of few characters from the Tangent universe to make appearances in the regular continuity as she appeared once before the Justice League to tell them how the Crime Syndicate of Amerika had devastated her Earth and were planning on their Earth next. She then resurrected Alexander Luthor to stop their plot and restore her reality.

At 45 points, with 0 range, 0 attack value, and 0 damage this Green Lantern is all about her trait; One Last Earthly Mission. She places a Resurrection marker in the square last occupied by any KO’d friendly character. When she is adjacent to a Resurrection marker, which should be easy for her to get to with Phasing and Willpower, you may give her a free action and choose a friendly character of 10 points or more that has been KO’d and that she hasn’t chosen previously. Replace the Resurrection marker with that character on any click it could have been on this game and give Green Lantern an action token. At the beginning of your next turn, that character is removed from play without being scored again. This could make her an asset on almost any team to either get one last attack out with your strongest character or to give swarm teams some extra mileage even if they start losing pieces. With only the Mystical keyword, she won’t be joining any Named Theme Teams but her utility is well worth including regardless.

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