The HeroClix Battle Royale Format is a special type of draft tournament designed for quick play. A typical Battle Royale takes place with 4 players, each with one sealed booster.

The players draft their potential forces as a normal draft, selecting one figure from their pack and passing the remaining figures to the player on their left, continuing until each player has five figures. There are no restrictions on force construction and each player uses all of the game elements they draft, unless specified ahead of time. Each player is responsible for verifying the other players’ teams are legal.

Standard Battle Royale Maps are 2’x2’ with each player starting in a corner. This is a free-for-all event in which each player is opposing to each other player. Play continues until an action resolves in which all players but one no longer control any characters, or until time has expired. The player with the most KO points total is the winner.

At the conclusion of the game, players will return the figures they used for the event to the center of the map to create a prize pool to which additional prizes may be added. Players will snake draft and select their prizes with the winning player choosing first.