For Sealed HeroClix Games, each player will receive two sealed HeroClix Booster Packs to build their team. Only game elements that are pulled from the Booster Packs received at the event may be used on a player’s team. No outside game elements are allowed to be added to a player’s force.

Players may be responsible for bringing Modern Age Maps for sealed events. The player who goes first chooses the map they wish to use while the second player chooses which starting area they will use. Players should also bring any game components needed to play including: dice, action tokens, effect tokens, object tokens, etc.

At the start of the event, all players will open their packs and confirm the contents. A player may request a replacement pack if one or more figures in the pack is unplayable. A figure missing a dial/sticker or the sticker not matching the figure will be considered unplayable while a sculpt being physical broken (missing a head/arm) is still considered in a playable state, at the discretion of the event staff. A player must return all contents of the pack to receive a replacement pack (while supplies last). Once players have opened their packs and confirmed their contents, the will have up to 20 minutes to build a 300-point team.

Unless otherwise specified, players will get 3 actions per turn. Players should keep track of their KO points on their Team Sheet. When a player’s force is eliminated or the time limit is reached, the game ends. If the time limit is reached, the player with the most KO points at the end of the game wins.