HeroClix is a tactical combat game where you put heroes and villains from your favorite comics, movies and TV shows in head to head combat. If you’ve never played HeroClix before or just want to play the simplest version of the game, you’ll need to learn the basics. 

Started in 2002
Over 750 million+ figures sold
Spans over 15+ licenses

Setting Up The Map

A HeroClix game takes place on a map, which can be found in a Starter Set. Squares on the map are marked with colored line, but for now you can ignore most of them.

Find the squares inside a purple line (usually along an edge of the map), this is a starting area. The first player should place his or her characters in squares inside the starting area. The other player then places his or her characters in the starting area opposite the first player

Taking Turns

Players alternate taking turns and giving actions to their characters. During your turn, you can give one action, either a Move or Combat action, to each of your characters in any order.

Move Action: move your character from one map square to another

  • A character can be moved up to the number of squares equal to its speed value. This can be done in any direction, even diagonally, or through occupied squares of characters from the same team.

Combat Action: attack an opposing character with a close combat or ranged combat attack

  • When your character makes an attack, you roll two dice and add the result to your attack value. Your opponent then compares the total to their defense value. If the attack result is equal to or greater than your opponents’ defense, then it’s a hit.

Using your Abilities

A character has five combat values:

  • The Speed Value– this is indicated by the boot for walking characters or the wing for flying characters. It tells us how many squares a character can move during a turn on the HeroClix map.
    • Characters that can fly can move through hindering terrain, over blocking terrain and onto elevated terrain without penalty.
  • The Attack Value– this is indicated by the fist symbol or the sharp shooter symbol. This shows how skilled characters are at combat attacks.
  • Range Value– this indicates whether your character can make a range combat attack or not.  Characters that only fight hand to hand, have a range of zero but if your character’s range is greater than zero, this shows the number of squares away that a character can make an attack.
  • The Defense Value– this is indicated by one of two shield symbols. This shows how well your character can protect itself from attacks.
  • The Damage Value– this indicates how much damage your opponent will take when hit.

Learn more about your characters and their powers here.