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Welcome to another preview from the upcoming DC Comics HeroClix: 15th Anniversary – Elseworlds set! This set has DC characters straight from the pages of some of DC Comics best selling alternate universe and alternate reality storylines.

Today we have the Hourman Limited Edition figure exclusively available as prizes for Release Day Organized Play Events at your local HeroClix gaming venue.

DC Comics HeroClix: Elseworlds - Hourman

Rick Tyler, son of Rex Tyler, took up his father’s mantle as the Hourman against his father’s wishes. As a member of the Justice Society and Infinity Inc, the Hourman has a special hourglass that gives him a glimpse of events that happen one hour into the future. Though only a normal human in a costume, both Rex and Rick use a special drug called Miraclo that gives them superhuman strength, reflexes, and invulnerabilities. However the drug only lasts for an hour and because of its addictive properties and negative health effects, they can only take it once a day.

Hourman can join your teams for an easy 50 points, which is especially handy for making themed teams with the All-Star Squadron and Justice Society keywords along with all the other low-cost options that share the JSA team ability. Hourman has a split dial, with two special powers on attack and speed that let him switch between both sections. He starts on click #1 on his normal unpowered half with Stealth, Leap/Climb, Combat Reflexes, and switching between Outwit and Perplex. His special attack power, Hour Of Power, represents him after a dose of the Miraclo pill and states that you place an ‘Hour’ token on his card at the beginning of your turn; when he has 3 ‘Hour’ tokens you turn him to click #9, where he gets a boost in his fighting potential.

While under the influence of Miraclo, Hourman is granted Charge and Sidestep with his special speed power Revert To Rick that also removes ‘Hour’ tokens at the beginning of your turn and returns him to Click #2 when he is out of ‘Hour’ tokens. Making the most of his new mobility, he gets Super Strength, Invincible, and Close Combat Expert in addition to an increase in all of his combat values except range. If you can protect him with shared defense values from using the JSA team ability, you can keep him coming back for more every three turns with renewed vigor. Now is the time for the Hourman!

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