Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We hope you are enjoying Scott Porter’s unboxing videos as DC Comics HeroClix: 15th Anniversary – Elseworlds takes us to fun and strange places. Today’s preview article visits a world where a Civil War era Batman is on a mission from President Lincoln to protect a valuable shipment of gold. Introducing Colonel Wayne!

Colonel Wayne is the caped crusader with a western flair who interacts with familiar folk of the time period during his mission. Wearing the familiar cape and cowl, he possesses the Batman Ally team ability, which grants him Stealth. Wayne also has the expected named keyword of Batman Family, but his other keywords of Past and Soldier tell us that this isn’t our usual Batman! Brandishing a revolver, this hero looks like a gun-slinger ready for High Noon, which is the name of his trait – If Colonel Wayne is the last character with this trait to hit an opposing character with a range attack, until your next turn, if the hit character makes a range attack, Colonel Wayne must be one of its targets. You can force a Wild West showdown for Wayne and his target when he shoots with his range of 5. He can even fire on the run with his starting speed power, Cavalry Charge. This power gives Colonel Wayne Running Shot, and it also lets him ignore characters and hindering terrain while moving.

Accompanying that special power on top click, Colonel Wayne has a defensive bonus against ranged attacks via Energy Shield/Deflection and Shape Change as he tricks opponents by posing as a “fop” (that’s a “dandy fool” for you city-slickers). The third click of this dial brings about Toughness from a protective chest plate and Leadership since Wayne is a commanding officer, after all. Also in the middle of the dial is a special power, Find My Contact, Agent Redbird, which lets Colonel Wayne place a special bystander token adjacent to him once per game. This bystander is a deadly warrior companion, flying around on his horse with Hypersonic Speed while being quite the close combat pest thanks to Combat Reflexes. Your opponent won’t be able to ignore this 1-click wonder thanks to his potential damage output with Blades/Claws/Fangs and Exploit Weakness.

Back to Bruce, the end of his dial shows a determined and crafty soldier with Willpower to keep going and Perplex to alter whatever combat value will best get the job done. He also has a few clicks of Sidestep at the end, perhaps to retreat into hindering terrain where line of fire will be blocked or to get close enough to press the attack.

Steady attack and damage values for 75 points throughout the dial make this reimagined Batman a worthy hero for your adventures, whether you send him straight to the front lines or keep him safe until the cavalry is needed.

Keep your eyes out for more previews of the upcoming DC Comics HeroClix: 15th Anniversary – Elseworlds set and head over to the WizKids Info Network to register for an upcoming Release Day OP Events! We must skedaddle for now, but thanks for reading!