Dice Masters Rotation 2020

Dear Dice Masters Fans,

Since 2014 we’ve been rolling out a ton of dice – and in past years, we’ve announced which cards (and their dice) would be leaving Modern Age Dice Masters to be left only to Golden Age.

We’re really looking forward to 2020 for Dice Masters. […]

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Dice Masters Rotation Update

Dear Dice Masters Fans,

Previously when we talked about rotation it was for constructed only. You can see that rotation announcement and the corresponding FAQ here. We’re applying those concepts to sealed play Dice Masters as well, starting November 1st, 2017.

Why the change?

Dice Masters is unique compared to other games that have sealed play – […]

Dice Masters Rotation Update2017-10-20T13:12:50-04:00

Dice Masters Rotation FAQ

Dear Dice Masters Fans,

In 2014 we set out on a path that would lead to our players rolling an enormous number of dice, and WizKids becoming the world’s #1 dice manufacturer. Players have built up large Dice Masters collections and we’ve continued to expand the game into new licenses, product configurations, and themes. After careful […]

Dice Masters Rotation FAQ2018-01-15T09:39:51-05:00
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