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What is Dice Masters Doubles?

Dice Masters Doubles lets you play Dice Masters in a 2 vs. 2 format! It gives players a new Dice Masters experience for constructed play.

How do I set up a Doubles game of Dice Masters?

First, teams should be picked. Each player will get to pick four character or action cards to use, plus a Basic Action Card of their choice. Each team of two players will have up to eight Character or Action Cards, plus two Basic Action Cards. Each team of players needs to follow normal team construction rules: they can’t have more than one copy of a given character (such as two versions of the same named character or action) and their two Basic Action Cards can’t be the same card. Each Character or Action Card may have up to the maximum number of dice allowed for the card (no matter how many dice this puts on the team in total). Each player’s bag will begin the game with eight Sidekick Dice in it.

Each team will start at 30 life. Teams cannot increase their starting life above the starting total (30).

Teammates will sit next to one another, across from their opponents. Each player puts their character cards on the outside of the play area. Each team places their Basic Action Cards somewhere convenient for all players (above character cards or in the center), with an Indicator Card, and each should have six of the appropriately colored Basic Action Dice placed on it.

Dice Masters Doubles Format

Playing the Game

Determine which team will go first. Both members of a team go through the steps of a turn together. They clear and draw at the same time. They roll and reroll at the same time. They buy and field at the same time. You guessed it, they also go through the parts of the Attack Step at the same time. For the defending team, both members will declare blockers at the same time. In the case of timing conflicts, just as in a standard game of Dice Masters the active player chooses the order, in Doubles, the active team will choose the order. Players can discuss decisions at any time. Players must pay the cost to purchase and field dice individually from among the dice they personally rolled and cannot use their teammate’s energy.

Players may only attack the player directly across from them. Players may not block for their teammate.

Any player can use any Global Ability. Action Dice, Global Abilities and Character Abilities can target any player.

Effects that would apply to all of your characters include your teammate’s characters as well. So Captain America, Sentinel of Liberty’s effect would make all of your sidekicks and all of your teammate’s sidekicks get +2A. Effects that would apply to all of your opponent’s dice affect their entire team, such as Marvel Girl, Telekinesis who reads, “When fielded, spin each opposing character down one level (if able).” Effects that are centered on one character, such as Spider-Man, Webslinger only affect the player defending against him (that player’s teammate wouldn’t be allowed to have his characters block Spider-Man anyway).

Buying Dice

Players may only buy from among the four cards they brought to the game and among the Basic Action Cards. A player may not purchase their teammate’s dice.

Players may not buy more than 1 of each Basic Action Die during a turn.

Prep Area

Both teams share a common Prep Area! It is best placed between teammates. Dice go into that Prep Area as in a regular game. When it is time for teams to roll their dice, they decide amongst themselves who will get which dice, splitting them up however they like. This means characters can migrate from one player’s field and ultimately end up in their teammate’s bag!


A team wins by bringing an opposing team to zero life!