Posted: 05/02/17

Marvel Dice Masters: The Mighty Thor
Special Retailer FAQ

We’ve received some questions from stores about the upcoming Marvel Dice Masters: The Mighty Thor release and wanted to convey some information to help our distributors and stores order and plan appropriately. If more questions come in, we’ll send out an update on the weekly WizKids Retailer Announcement email.

How much of the Countertop Display or Gravity Feed should I order?
Most stores will want to order both. The Gravity Feed contains the Foil Packs customers are familiar with – 99 cents for 2 cards and dice. The Countertop Display contains Draft Packs, which are optimized for sealed play and contain 14 cards (2 Basic Action cards and 12 character or action cards), and 24 dice. Either way, players will need Sidekick Dice and Basic Action Dice from a Starter Set to play.
Furthermore, the Basic Action Cards in Thor are exclusive to the Draft Packs – so your tournament players and collectors will definitely want to pick up a few, even if most of their purchasing is normally done through Foil Packs.

Which one has better value?
We’ve kept the cost to collect a set similar, whether players are opening Draft Packs or Foil Packs. The exact ratio depends on if a customer is comparing dice and/or cards and what level of rarity they collect to, but the goal overall was to make completing the set nearly identical if purchasing via Draft Packs and Foil Packs. Note: The Basic Action Cards found in Draft Packs will become very common for the typical player purchase pattern (there are 12 and are a flat rarity with 2 included in each Draft Pack) and should be easy to trade for if someone only opens Foil Packs. Also, whether someone buys a Countertop Display or a Gravity Feed, they’ll be able to get a gift with purchase promo card (while supplies last).

Are Draft Packs everything someone needs to start playing?
Draft Packs don’t contain some elements a new player needs to get started that would be found in a Starter Set, such as:
• Sidekick Dice
• Basic Action Dice
• Color Indicator Cards
• Dice Bag

When The Mighty Thor releases, the newest Marvel Dice Masters Starter Set will be the Iron Man/War Machine Starter Set (SKU: 72423), but any other Dice Masters Starter set will do the trick for a new player.

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