Dear Dice Masters Fans,

Previously when we talked about rotation it was for constructed only. You can see that rotation announcement and the corresponding FAQ here. We’re applying those concepts to sealed play Dice Masters as well, starting November 1st, 2017.

Why the change?

Dice Masters is unique compared to other games that have sealed play – you get to bring a little extra oomph from your existing collection in the form of Basic Action Cards (BACs). Since Dice Masters first hit the scene, there have been over 150 BACs released. It’s become a lot for players to keep track of, and we believe by helping keep the number of choices manageable it will keep the game interesting for veterans and accessible to newer players.

What events does this effect?

WizKids Opens events in the Rainbow Draft format will be utilizing only Modern Age BACs as of November 1st. Stores that would like to run events allowing older BACs are welcome to continue doing so, but should communicate clearly in the WIN for the benefit of players attending their event.

Am I allowed to use old versions of BACs that have been reprinted?

Usually, yes. Some cards aren’t functional reprints of cards with the same name, such as Cone of Cold. In that case, the newer version would be allowed but the old one wouldn’t. All versions of Thrown Car would be legal since they’re functionally identical and at least one version would normally be legal in Modern.

For your convenience, a list of Modern legal cards (and their dice!) are available here.