Dice Masters Rotation FAQ

Dear Dice Masters Fans,

In 2014 we set out on a path that would lead to our players rolling an enormous number of dice, and WizKids becoming the world’s #1 dice manufacturer. Players have built up large Dice Masters collections and we’ve continued to expand the game into new licenses, product configurations, and themes. After careful […]

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Finding John Constantine

Constantine doesn’t require you to purchase any other dice to be highly effective. This means that he needs exactly one spot out of your eight character spots on your team. He takes as much space as you’d set aside for a Global Ability, except your opponent can never use him. He improves the economics and consistency of your team as well. If you wanted to, you could even play 4 copies of his die as a low-cost source of Shield energy.

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NEW! Dice Masters Puzzle: It’s a Trap!

Your opponent has repeatedly said that action dice aren’t worth buying. You have purchased both a Trap Hole and a Ring of Magnetism, and you’re ready to show them how wrong they are. Plus, they have been using their Harpie Lady character to keep a huge supply of Sidekick blockers. It’s time to show your opponent the error of their ways, and use your non-character cards to let you hit your opponent’s life total for the full 20. Show them the power of team synergy.

NEW! Dice Masters Puzzle: It’s a Trap!2016-10-13T13:42:20-04:00

NEW! Dice Masters Puzzle: Gotta Go Fast!

Things are bleak. Your opponent has been purchasing some high cost dice and now their side of the board has become very intimidating, with a wall of heaving hitting heroes. Your opponent is currently hiding behind it, sitting comfortably with 11 life.

NEW! Dice Masters Puzzle: Gotta Go Fast!2016-10-13T13:42:21-04:00

NEW! Dice Masters Puzzle: Sidekicks Are Forever

Sidekicks Are Forever Puzzle by Curt Hnatiuk: After a game of very few attacks, in the previous turn your opponent attacked with all their characters. You took a lot of damage, leaving you at 1 life, but because of some great blocking, you were able to clear out most of your opponent’s field. Now it’s your turn, and you need to get revenge. The best revenge would be dealing all 20 damage to your opponent in a single turn. Your goal is to do exactly that: Deal 20 damage to your opponent on this turn, while they only have a few blockers left.

NEW! Dice Masters Puzzle: Sidekicks Are Forever2016-10-13T13:42:21-04:00

NEW! Dice Masters Puzzle: The Men in the Iron Masks

The Men in the Iron Masks Puzzle by Curt Hnatiuk: It has been an exciting game, but your opponent has managed to get the upper hand. You only have 1 life left, but your opponent has 8 life. Your only hope is to get the win right now, because you most likely won’t last another turn.

NEW! Dice Masters Puzzle: The Men in the Iron Masks2016-10-13T13:42:22-04:00
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