HeroClix 2021 Rules Article 1: The Indomitable Knot

If you asked 100 HeroClix players what their favorite part of HeroClix is, we suspect you’d get at least 50 different answers. Some love superhero combat, others love playing their favorite teams from comic books, many people love collecting the pre-painted miniatures, and others have an entrenched love of the gameplay. There’s a lot [...]

Results: HeroClix Watch List Q3 2020

Dear HeroClix Players, Below are the official changes to figures/game elements on the Q3 2020 Watch List. The following errata/clarifications/rulings are effective immediately as of this posting. We are also issuing an errata for one additional figure that was not previously identified on the Q3 2020 Watch List announcement.  Some of these figures are [...]

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House and Powers of X Rocked the Marvel Universe – Now They’re Rocking HeroClix!

Spoilers ahead! With widespread critical acclaim, excitement in comic shops across the world, and a riveting storyline, it’s no surprise that House and Powers of X energized the X-Men fandom. Even as we saw the earliest previews and images, it was clear to us that it was going to be EPIC. If you haven’t [...]

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Marvel HeroClix: X-Men House of X

Prepare for some amazing enhancements coming to HeroClix! For nearly 20 years, HeroClix has been the industry’s leading pre-painted tabletop miniatures game. While we’ve constantly worked to keep the game fresh and increase the quality of the miniatures, House of X will showcase a combo of tested and new ways for us to improve [...]

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HeroClix Watch List Q3 2020

Dear HeroClix players, The HeroClix Watch List is a process by which we identify figures and/or other game elements that we feel may have a negative impact on the game of HeroClix. Being on the “Watch List” in and of itself is not an errata or change to these figures/game elements, but rather an [...]

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Scott Porter Marvel HeroClix: Spider-Man and Venom Absolute Carnage Unboxing Series

HeroClix Fans! Watch as Scott Porter unveils figures from the upcoming  Marvel HeroClix: Spider-Man and Venom Absolute Carnage boosters! Click the images below to begin the videos! Boosters 1 & 2 Boosters 3 & 4 Boosters 5 & 6 Boosters 7 & 8 Boosters 9 & 10 Click the banner below to learn [...]

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PRE-ORDER UPDATE: Marvel HeroClix: Galactus the Devourer Premium Colossal Figure

Hello HeroClix Family, As many of you know, every summer we offer an in-store HeroClix event program, during which we give out fantastic grand prizes as a reward for your engagement, support of the game and your local store. And this year, we planned a colossal prize of immense proportions – our specially sculpted, [...]