Hey HeroClix fans!

We are rapidly approaching the release of WWE HeroClix in October! Last time (here) we covered what new players need to know about WWE HeroClix to start clixing, and introduced our new standard powers, but we wanted to dive a little deeper for our experienced players. This set is unlike any we’ve ever done in HeroClix, and we know you may have some questions about how it fits into the larger HeroClix experience. We’re going to try and cover everything a current HeroClix player needs to know.

Let’s start with those new standard powers, 4 Speed and 4 Attack, giving HeroClix a slew of new close combat options. But first some quick notes for those of you who are counting:

–    8 new standard powers were created for WWE

–    16 standard powers were carried over from the original PAC

–    No new defense or damage powers were created (but that’s not to say they couldn’t in the future for WWE or any other new licenses…)

So, WWE has 24 standard powers… exactly half of the 48 standard powers we know and love.

You’ll note that on the PAC, the new powers have red rings around them. On WWE dials, these powers will be represented by circles (instead of squares) of the appropriate color.


Our first speed power replacement makes seeing orange in the speed slot scary again (for the first time?). A bit reminiscent of the ability of street fighting clix of yore, Flying Leap adds on Improved Movement: Characters to be able to freely reposition, Improved Movement: Hindering to clear the ropes, an attack boost and… just because everyone loves seeing wrestler coming off the top ropes… a bingo bonus to damage if you are adjacent to two or more ropes. Less moving, more punching!

Just like we saw above with Flying Leap, the replacement for the purple speed slot stays along the same theme as its purple compatriot- in this case, a KNOCKBACK effect. But this one allows you to choose the direction and gets around that sticky wicket of Charge and Combat Reflexes. It also gives you the ability to make a free action attack against any opponent who gets knocked back… right into your crossbar. Get some.

Hypersonic light…ning speed. Wrestlers are fast… but not cosmic level fast. So, a similar move and attack effect but with a defined and more limited movement and kept to close attacks. Improved movement characters to ensure that breakaway… check. Let’s go knock some heads!

There’s no hiding in wrestling. Bye, bye Stealth… hello Sidestep’s hyperactive little brother. Passive abilities of a breakaway bonus to get you out of trouble and Improved Movement: Hindering to be able to easily clear the ropes… combined with a free action 1 square movement. Less movement than Sidestep, but the sweet bonuses make it a toss-up as to which is better. Them some sweet moves!


Leave the Super Strength for the superheroes… Reversals are what we love to see in the Ring. Part tie-up effect and part retaliation effect, Reversal has a passive nerf on all adjacent opponents’ breakaway results and a free action to make a close attack targeting an opponent that missed you with an attack or failed to break away from you. That free action part does allow for MOVE actions before you activate it, so if some cheapshot artist tries to shoot you or throw a chair at you… go hunt them down.

Close action Incapacitate with an added option to instead place the target adjacent. Oh… the possibilities. Pairs really well with Giant Reach for a delicious serving of smackdown.

Smoke Cloud is cool and all… but a sucker punch to someone’s combat values is fun, too.

Similar to Poison, Submission Hold targets a single opposing character to deal them 1 damage and then locks them down with Immobile. Sing your opponents a little lullaby as you slow burn them to their KO clicks. Even if you don’t get through a damage reducer, the tie-down effect is great for keeping those pesky range attackers right where you want them.

WWE and their Standard Powers in HeroClix

When you’re playing a WWE-only game, then you only have access to the WWE PAC. Any powers or abilities not listed there can’t be used in that game. That includes other standard powers and keyphrase abilities like Colossal, Flight, and Passenger. Any rules like pushing damage that don’t appear in their Core Rulebook don’t exist, either.

When you mix your clix (aka play a Multiverse game), the 8 new WWE Standard powers function exactly the same when paired with other HeroClix. However, that leads to a few other questions, including how WWE HeroClix interacts with popular “pick-a-power” powers, which allow you to select a standard power to use.

What is a Multiverse game?

If any player in a game has a character on their starting force or Sideline (or another game element that costs points) that uses a PAC different than any other PAC used that game, then the game is a Multiverse game.

Multiverse games have 3 major features:

  • Any PAC used by such a character or game element is considered available for the entire game. For example, if you are asked to choose a standard power, you may choose from any available PAC, including those used only by opposing characters.

That means that WWE Superstars can gain Flight, and carry smaller characters, and do everything else you’d expect when part of a Multiverse game. They don’t reject being granted things just because those things don’t exist in WWE-only games. Vice-versa, any character in a Multiverse game that is able to choose a standard power may choose it from the WWE PAC… so, your heroes and villains can start slamming and slingshotting to their heart’s content!

Note that there’s no way planned for a WWE Superstar to start on the Sideline without a WWE Superstar on your starting force. So if you want access to the WWE PAC (and who wouldn’t), you’ll have to start a WWE Superstar on your force.

  • General rules altered in WWE-only games revert to their default versions.

WWE Superstars all have Indomitable. In WWE-only games, it’s just the default defense symbol. In Multiverse games, it indicates they all can use Willpower (via Indomitable) as it normally does. However, that means they can now have Willpower chosen by Outwit and lose that protection from pushing, which couldn’t happen before (because Willpower and pushing damage don’t exist in WWE-only games). Other rules that WWE-only games don’t need may also come back into play as appropriate.

Note that WWE Superstars’ bounce and pin abilities (introduced last time) is part of their team ability, and not a general rule. So even if the WWE PAC is in play, random heroes can’t bounce characters off walls or pin them – those’re special skills WWE Superstars have.

  • Team abilities may gain additional abilities in multiverse games.

Hmmm… what does that mean?

Additional abilities in the WWE Team Ability

WWE Superstars gain some additional abilities (as part of their team ability) when part of multiverse games.

  • WWE Rules: This character can’t be the target of range attacks or Outwit if: they’re on click #1, they’re on a click with a blue click #, -or- they’ve already been targeted by a range attack this turn. Protected: Pulse Wave.

The ref is always watching, and while you can get away with a few cheap shots, you can’t repeatedly pummel someone from a distance. WWE Superstars like to get close and personal with their beatdowns, and enforcing the rules ensures they can get in a few hits.

  • Grand Entrance: During your first turn, if this character is in your starting area, they have “FREE: Move”.

The long walk to the center ring is a hallowed WWE tradition, and is reflected here. During your first turn, you get to move up to your speed value once. The fighting (usually) starts in the ring!

The full text of the WWE Team Ability in multiverse games is:

  • Bounce, Pin, WWE Rules, Grand Entrance. Uncopyable.

It picks up Uncopyable to avoid wildcard shenanigans. This may seem like a lot of abilities, but in multiverse games Pin is a lot rarer (as you may not be facing WWE Superstars) and Grand Entrance only affects the first turn. WWE Rules and Bounce (mainly if you have Slingshot or Lightning Speed) are the two things you need to keep aware of.

Join us next time as we discuss some deep strategy for some specific figures, and how they might fit into the HeroClix metagame!