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One of the things we’ve been most excited to work on for WWE HeroClix is the design of all-new standard powers. These powers are designed to be flavorful for action inside the ring and help emphasize close combat like fans would expect from WWE Superstars.

Not all of them have been revealed yet, and we wanted to write about them in two ways. In this article, we’ll introduce them for beginners (or experienced players trying to teach beginners). In the second article, we’ll focus on veteran HeroClix players and the possibilities the new powers and other rules open up for broader HeroClix.

First up the 4 new speed abilities!

Flying Leap is a helpful ability because you’ll get to move AND attack in just one action. You’ll want to use it from the turnbuckle for maximum effect! Flying Leap gives your Superstar the ability to move up to 3 squares before making an attack with +1 attack, which makes it more likely you’ll hit your target. If the attacker began their Flying Leap next to 2 or more Ropes (which is a fancy way of saying the ring’s corner), they’ll be able to hit harder too with +1 damage! And don’t forget that Improved Movement: Hindering and Improved Movement: Characters .

They allow your Superstar to fly right over anything blocking their way!

Just like Flying Leap lets you move and attack in just one action, Lightning Speed does too! Lightning Speed gives a different bonus after you’ve made your attack – you’ll get to move 2 squares, either to stay out of your opponent’s reach, or to position yourself for your next move! And Improved Movement: Characters here allows you to get in close and then get out again without being grappled.

Flying Leap and Lightning Speed both give you the chance to move and attack in one action, but Nimble lets you get a small movement for free! The small move Nimble lets you make is also high quality – you’ll be more likely to break away from your opponents and Improved Movement: Hindering  allows you to avoid penalties from hindering terrain (like the announcer’s table) that would slow you down.

Slingshot simulates your Superstar bouncing their opponent off the ropes and hitting them hard as they come back. When you successfully hit an opposing character, you’ll get to knock them back (even if they’d normally be immune because of Charge or Combat Reflexes!) and after that, if they’ve bounced off the ropes, you’ll be able to make an attack against them.

If you want to make the most of the Wrestling Ring found in the Mixed Match Challenge Starter Set, you’ll want to use Superstars that have Slingshot!

Next up – the 4 attack abilities!

Just like Nimble gives a +2 to your roll to be able to move away from your opponent, Reversal makes it that much harder for opponents to move away from you. With Reversal showing your opponents will think twice before attack or running away and giving you the chance to make a free attack against them!

Slam will let you either slow an opponent down (so they can’t fight back or get away) or reposition them for your tag team partner to get them!

Stun is an attack ability that gives you a kind of defensive bonus – the hit Superstar has reduced attack and damage. Though it’s harder for them to hit you, if they still manage, it won’t hurt you as much!

You’ll have your opponents tapping out with Submission Hold. This FREE action effect allows you to deal 1 damage to an opponent without even rolling the dice, and as you put them in a leglock or similar submission move, you both become Immobile so they can’t run from you.

WWE also has one new rule that’ll make Flying Leap and Slingshot a bit clearer

Ropes are inherently bouncy! Anything that’s defined as a Rope will send the character right back along that same path – right back to where you can Slingshot attack them again!

But what IS a rope? Well, the Wrestling Ring has Ropes along its edge by definition, but it doesn’t stop there, as you can see below.

WWE has two new abilities as well for use with WWE Superstars

All of your WWE Superstars will treat printed hindering terrain (green lines) or blocking terrain (brown or thick black lines) as Ropes! That means they can hurl people into walls and other items (steel steps, anyone?) and have them bounce back! There’s lots of ways in WWE HeroClix to reposition your foes and set them up for the takedown.

Speaking of, what would a WWE match be without the chance to pin your opponent?

While it may look a little complex, it’s pretty simple at heart: every WWE Superstar’s last 3 clicks have blue click numbers, and they all perform different Signature Moves. When you hit an opponent with your famous Signature Move and they end on one of these blue clicks, you know you’ve almost got them beat and can try to pin them! You can roll for free to deal them another damage, and repeat it (up to 3 times total) to take them out of the match after the full 3 count! But beware, they also have a chance to kick out of the pin and heal up, just like you’d expect!

This covers the new abilities, but there’s also 16 abilities from standard HeroClix that are used in WWE HeroClix. You can find their definitions on the PAC, but the basics of how each plays in WWE HeroClix are below. If you’re looking for all the rules needed to play HeroClix, check here.

3 Speed powers:

Flurry: Attack twice every turn!

Charge: The basic move and attack power, it can combo with Flurry, Quake, Slam, and Exploit Weakness.

Sidestep: Move up to 2 squares for free, but without the bonuses Nimble provides.

1 Attack power:

Quake: Hit everyone around you at the same time in a huge burst of aggression!

5 Defense powers:

Super Senses: Completely dodge an attack that you saw coming at the last second!

Toughness: Absorb some damage from every attack because you’re tough!

Combat Reflexes: Quick and agile, you can dodge attacks that would hit slower characters!

Regeneration: Dig deep and get the crowd on your side as you rise up and stand ready to continue the fight!

Invulnerability: Absorb a LOT of damage from every attack because you’re a mountain of muscle.

7 Damage powers:

Exploit Weakness: Catch your opponent off guard and deal them a devastating blow, ignoring their defenses!

Probability Control: Some people always seem to have the odds in their favor – with probability control, reroll some dice and make yourself one of those people.

Close Combat Expert: You’re so good you can choose where to put your power: hitting more or dealing more damage!

Empower: Inspire the Superstars on your team with your prowess, causing them to fight harder!

Perplex: Enrage the enemy or pump up your Superstars with some primo trash talking.

Outwit: Find your opponent’s weakness, mental or physical, and impede their performance.

Leadership: You’re the one everyone looks to when the chips are down. Your Superstars can get extra actions every turn if you lead them well.

These are some of the fun and powerful abilities in HeroClix that you’ll learn over time. Even though we’ve got videos online and a variety of articles, the best (and most fun) way to learn HeroClix is playing games. If you’re looking for a HeroClix retailer near you, use the Store Locator on win.wizkids.com.

Until next time…

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