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Welcome back for today’s Marvel HeroClix: Merc$ for Money Fast Forces Pack preview!  Deadpool’s ‘copyright infringing’ Heroes For Hire team had to be renamed as the Merc$ for Money and they all wear rainbow matching costumes.  Last time we followed the color spectrum and covered the red, orange, and yellow costume wearers; so today we cover the owners of the green, blue, and indigo costumes (With only 6 figures in a Fast Forces pack and 7 colors of the spectrum, there had to be one color not included.  The wearer of the violet suit, Terror, is the OP kit prize officially released with the Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool & X-Force set).

Marvel HeroClix: Merc$ for Money Fast Forces - Solo

Having a guy named Solo on a team seems like an odd match.  Being that he was Deadpool’s first employee in his mercenary business franchise it starts to make sense. Especially since Solo is still taking on personal contracts with his trait While I Live, Someone Else Dies!  As Long As I Get Paid!.  At the beginning of the game, you can choose an opposing character and Solo gains +2 to his attack when attacking only that character and he heals 2 clicks when they are KO’d.  Solo starts off with a ranged attack focus with a range of 6, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, Super Senses, a special damage power Color-Coordinated that lets him use Outwit but only to counter [GREEN] powers (Charge, Super Strength, Energy Shield/Deflection, and Enhancement), and he switches from Phasing/Teleport to Running Shot.  For his last three clicks he wants to get in closer to his mark with Sidestep, Combat Reflexes, and Close Combat Expert with a final click of Phasing/Teleport.   Solo is a confirmed mercenary with his keyword selections as well with Heroes For Hire, Six Pack, and Soldier.  Just like his costume, he likes his greenbacks.

Marvel HeroClix: Merc$ for Money Fast Forces - Foolkiller

Foolkiller is playing the blues with is trait as Deadpool’s New Therapist that lets him use Perplex but only to target a character named Deadpool, but if it is an opposing Deadpool he can modify any value except damage by -2. With a shorter dial than the rest of his Heroes For Hire keyword teammates, he has Toughness for his whole dial to give him a little more life than four clicks would suggest.  Foolkiller has a 6 range value with and starts with Sidestep, Precision Strike, and his version of Color Coordinated special on damage that gives him Outwit but only to counter [BLUE] powers (Mind Control, Incapacitate, Barrier, and Probability Control).  He finishes up with Flurry and Exploit Weankess to give him some close combat specific options.

Continuing along the rainbow….

Marvel HeroClix: Merc$ for Money Fast Forces - Madcap

With Heroes For Hire and Wild Pack keywords, Madcap completes this Fast Forces Pack wearing an indigo colored suit.  Madcap is going to drive your opposition crazy with Mind Control and Super Senses coupled with his specific version of Color-Coordinated granting him Outwit but only to counter [INDIGO] powers (Force Blast, Smoke Cloud, Willpower, and Close Combat Expert).  On the back half of his dial he gets a little jumpy with Leap/Climb, Probability Control, and the defense special power Does Everyone On This Team Have A Healing Factor?  giving him Toughness and Regeneration with a minimum result of 1, just like his teammates Deadpool and Slapstick.

To put them together as a team, you can play Deadpool at his 50 point level to fit all 6 characters in this pack at an even 300 points.

At that rate, you have a great deal of short distance mobility as over half the team has Sidestep, or access to move and attack type powers. They also have a steady though limited, range of powers to use Outwit against with their Color-Coordinated special powers (consider that limited selection of powers to counter as a cost savings feature to keep everyone at a bargain of 50 points each)! There are plenty of range combat options with Solo and Deadpool’s Penetrating/Psychic Blast, Deadpool’s Enhancement, a Pulsewave/team taxi option with Stingray. The rest of their powers consist of a potential Probability Controller, and loads of healing options. For healing, more than half the team has a Regeneration ability with a boost. Solo’s trait lets him heal two clicks when a target that he chooses during the game is KO’d, as well as Deadpool’s trait that lets him heal a click when a friendly character with the Heroes For Hire keyword KO’s an opposing character. Choose a map with several chokepoints, clear corridors, and hidey holes; like the Morlock Tunnels, or the WizKids Office Premium Map, and these mercenaries will be hard to put down, synergize well together, make bank, and look good while doing it.

That’s it for the Marvel HeroClix: Merc$ for Money Fast Forces.  Be sure to log in to the WizKids Info Network to find  tournaments for the Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool and X-Force and other constructed format tournaments near you where you can win the Terror Limited Edition figure in the violet suit to complete Deadpool’s Heroes For Hire/Merc$ For Money team!.

Until next time, may the fourth wall break for you.