The HeroClix events at Gen Con saw some awesome team builds that were full of surprises. In addition to the Modern Age competitive scene, Theme and Pulp formats have inspired new levels of creativity that constantly impress and delight. We’d like to highlight some of the players and the forces they piloted to victory! Thank you to all players, especially those who participated in the many events earlier this month.

Nationals Winner: Alex Mader

Congratulations to the winner of US Nationals, Alex Mader! His aggressive team uses the hard-hitting potential of prime Spider-Man and Carnage Silver Surfer to rack up some quick damage on the opponent, with All-Black on Spider-Man ensuring that his attacks stick through any roll outs his targets may have. Meanwhile, Commissioner’s Rookie bystander and the shifting potential of the Multiversal Masters of Evil provide support to the front line attackers, and are able to step in if either of them fall.

Main Force
SMBA 043b Spider-Man 80
SVAC s005 All-Black The Necrosword 15
SMBA 062 Carnage Silver Surfer 50
A60 049 Black Skull 50
SMBA s006 Symbiote (Black) 0
A4E 069 Venom Magneto 35
D+ s004 Cloak of Levitation 5
A60 058 Mephisto 30
BTU s003 Sinestro Corps Ring 10
WW80 067 The Commissioner 25
A60 050 Dark Phoenix
A60 051 King Killmonger
A60 052 Doom Supreme
A60 053 Kid Thanos
A60 055 Ghost Goblin
A60 056 Iron Inquisitor
Seven of Pentacles
Seven of Swords
Ace of Cups
Queen of Wands
The Star

Nationals Runner-Up: Lucas Van Holland

While Alex’s team is relatively straightforward, the team Lucas piloted to second place is anything but. At its core it uses Watcher’s ability to turn to any click to spin to a down as far as possible, so that Indigo-1 can generate Mission Points by