Greetings WizKids Fans, 

Following the Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool and X-Force release, it has come to our attention that there may have been an isolated collation issue at our oversees factory, leading to unusually high instances of case duplicates. After we received player and store feedback, we immediately sent an employee to our factory to investigate the extent of the issue. While it is unavoidable that some local clustering of similar and identical cases will occur organically in any given release, we now have reason to believe that the problem may be more widespread. We want to take this opportunity to apologize to you for any inconvenience caused by this issue. The HeroClix community is obviously important to us and we take any issue that impacts you very seriously. While we don’t guarantee collation we are currently reviewing possible solutions for players, retailers, and distributors impacted by this issue. Once we confirm the exact details and extent of the issue, we will finalize and announce the planned solution. Meanwhile, we thank you for your patience and continued support of HeroClix.

Thank you,

The WizKids Team