Greetings, HeroClix Fans!

Today, we visit an alternate reality featured in DC Comics HeroClix: 15th Anniversary Elseworlds where DC’s Trinity appears quite different from what we’re used to in a world where the cast of Planetary have villainous intentions.

This version of Diana Prince looks a lot different from Wonder Woman in both costume and dial design, but she still packs quite the Amazonian punch for just 40 points. She has the expected keywords of Amazon and Justice League, but she also has Detective and Scientist on this unfamiliar world. Diana Prince’s trait, Investigating Planetary, prevents opposing characters within 4 squares from using Outwit or Perplex as she explores the world of her foes. Plus, she can do a bit of sneaking around with Stealth to help prevent your opponents’ tricks.

She’s still the same old Diana though, with Combat Reflexes in her defense slot and a special power in her damage slot, named Avenge the Amazons, But Remember Their Heart. This power lets Diana Prince use Close Combat Expert and Support, so either a big hurt or a big help, whichever is needed.

The last two clicks of Diana Prince’s dial reveals a more up close and personal attacker, as she can move into action quickly with Charge and is a dangerous opponent with her special power, Swords Manifested From My Wristbands. Surprise! This power is exactly what it sounds like, manifesting as Blades/Claws/Fangs. However, it can also be used to give Diana a close combat action to target each opposing character within 2 squares and line of fire with a close attack. This makes Diana Prince dangerous indeed, and she has some protection from Super Senses on these two clicks to hopefully keep her around a little longer.

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