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Continuing our celebration of 15 years of HeroClix we have another Marvel HeroClix: 15th Anniversary – What If?  character to preview straight from a classic issue of Marvel’s What If?

Today we wonder What If Hulk was possessed by the Venom alien symbiote?

Marvel HeroClix: What If? - Venom Hulk

Spider-Man obtained the alien symbiote costume that enhanced his spider-like abilities during the first Secret War on the Battleworld planet.  In the issue of What If? that is the inspiration for this figure, Spider-Man waited too long to seek help from Reed Richards in removing the symbiote and it took control of him, feeding off of his life energy and aging him at an accelerated rate.  After Spider-Man died of such an advanced biological age, the suit bonded with Hulk and began drawing the gamma radiation from Bruce Banner instead of aging him.  The symbiote eventually found a new host in Thor after defeating him in combat but left Banner ‘cured’ of being the Hulk.

This figure, one of the four chase figures in the Marvel HeroClix: 15th Anniversary – What If? set, brings the best of a ‘Hulk’ dial and a ‘Venom’ dial into one dangerously ‘hangry’ package.  With the simple Brute and Monster keywords, Venom Hulk can be fielded at two point values.  At 190 points Venom Hulk picks his own appetizers with a high movement value Leap/Climb, Super Strength, Impervious, and the special damage power Engulfing Tendrils that lets him use Poison and gives him a range value of 4 and can place the hit target of his ranged attack adjacent to himself after actions resolve.  Use that to make the most of his Indomitable ability that grants him Willpower and Alien Symbiote trait that grants him Plasticity, Shape Change, and the ability to automatically break away for movement.  Rope them in closer and hold them there with Plasticity to make his toxic gamma breath lay on the Poison damage.  After Venom Hulk takes a decent hit, he gains Charge, Battle Fury, and Symbiotic Bonding on defense that lets him use Super Senses, Toughness, and Regeneration to keep him from tapping out before the main course.

If you only pay 100 points for Venom Hulk he starts on his blue line on Click #6 with Flurry, Super Strength, Invincible, Battle Fury, and his best attack and damage combat values; 12 attack and 5 damage.  With Flurry and potential extra damage from an object held with Super Strength, Venom Hulk could deal out a total of 12 damage in one round if the dice decide to work with you!  On his last four clicks Venom Hulk has a special power on attack called Leave Me Alone! that lets him use Quake and Super Strength but when he Quakes he may use his printed damage value instead of the normal 2 damage that goes with Quake.  He finishes up this dial with Symbiote Bonding again to make sure he can stick around for dessert.

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