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Marvel HeroClix: 15th Anniversary – What If? features familiar characters with a twist – they are from alternate realities where minor changes resulted in major consequences. Instead of featuring a character from one of those alternate realities in today’s preview, we are highlighting a cosmic being of great power who can alter reality himself – an agent of Chaos and Order, the In-Betweener!

Marvel HeroClix: What If? - In-Betweener

With the In-Betweener on the map, you can expect plenty of game manipulation and representations of his dual nature. Attacking In-Betweener comes at a cost since he possesses the Mystics team ability, which deals 1 unavoidable damage to the attacker when In-Betweener takes damage from an attack. In addition to Mystics, an even bigger feedback is triggered when In-Betweener is KO’d by an opposing character’s attack thanks to his trait, In the End, All Must Balance Out. This trait forces your opponent to make a choice if they have more than one character – either KO their lowest point character or deal 3 unavoidable damage to their highest point character.

In-Betweener has a very balanced dial, which features two distinct sections within his 8 clicks of life. He starts with Stealth, which lets him more safely work behind the scenes to manipulate the dice via Probability Control with his Range of 8. The powers he can use will vary from game to game due to his special Attack power, Equal and Opposite Attack. This power is a free action that allows you to choose an opposing character within range and line of fire; In-Betweener can then use the standard attack and damage powers the chosen character can use until your next turn. Finishing off the first half of his dial, In-Betweener has Impervious in his Defense slot.

The second half of the dial sees In-Betweener change from manipulating rolls to warping combat values with his reality altering abilities as he trades Probability Control for Perplex. His Speed power for the last four clicks is Nexus of Realities, which lets In-Betweener use Phasing/Teleport and then make a close or ranged attack if he moved half his speed value or less as he travels through realities. His Attack and Defense powers on these clicks are formidable as he throws his cosmic weight around with Penetrating/Psychic Blast and Invulnerability.

At an appropriately dual-natured cost of 222 while possessing the Power Cosmic team ability and high combat values, In-Betweener is a strong piece to build around for any team. Alternatively, you can stick to a theme using his keywords: Elders of the Universe, Cosmic, and Mystical.

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