Due to unforeseen circumstances, the WizKids Open scheduled for May 14th-15th, 2016 at Battleground Games in Modesto, CA will be moved to Great Escape Games in Sacramento, CA for the same dates.

If you were pre-registered for the event at Battleground Games, it will not be automatically transferred to Great Escape Games, please contact Battleground Games at 209-522-0511 for a refund.

We have been trying to work with Battleground Games for nearly 2 weeks to get a complete list of players that were already pre-registered for events so that Great Escape Games can hold spots for those players but we have not received it yet.

Our plan has been to allow the players from Battleground Games to pre-register for the Great Escape Games event prior to the general public until 4/15/16.  If you are able to provide proof to Great Escape Games that you did pre-register at Battleground Games, we have asked the store to allow you to register prior to the public but after 4/15/16 we will be unable to continue to reserve the seats and must continue with pre-registration to all players. We apologize for the inconvenience and the unfair position this has put our fans in.

We are excited to welcome a new WizKids Open partner!  Great Escape Games has over 7000 square feet of gaming space, providing ample room for hosting premier events.  The store is located at 1250 Howe Ave., Suite 3A, Sacramento, CA.

To Pre-Register for the WizKids Open Regional Championship at Great Escape Games, please contact the store directly at 916-927-0810.

For more information about the second round of the 2016 WizKids Open Regional Championships visit the WizKids Info Network.

Thanks for your support!

– The WizKids Team