WizKids is pleased to announce their plans for the upcoming 2018 WizKids National Championships and 2018 WizKids World Championships! This year, there will be numerous National Championships around the globe where players can win limited edition prizes, purchase Convention Exclusives figures, and qualify for the 2018 WizKids World Championships, to be held at an east coast convention this Fall.

Players can prepare for some of the biggest WizKids gaming events of the year by attending a WizKids Open Regional Championship and earning a National Championship Qualification in HeroClix or Dice Masters.  More details on specific dates and locations of upcoming championships will be added soon, so keep a look out for more information on the WizKids Info Network.

For all players that qualify for the U.S. Nationals, WizKids will be hosting the U.S. National Championships at Origins Game Fair, June 13-17, 2018, in Columbus, Ohio.

WizKids is thrilled to announce the 2018 HeroClix Convention Exclusives and For Sale Con LEs to be available at the U.S. National Championships below!

For the first time ever, HeroClix players will have the opportunity to win:

  • Marvel HeroClix: Daredevil Prize Figure*
  • DC HeroClix: Kingdom Come Orion Prize Figure*
  • DC HeroClix: Bombshells Hawlgirl Prize Figure*
  • Marvel HeroClix: Banshee ID Card*
  • Marvel HeroClix: Psylocke ID Card*
  • DC Comics HeroClix: Mr. Freeze ID Card*
  • DC Comics HeroClix: Poison Ivy ID Card*

On top of that, HeroClix players will now be able to purchase:

  •  Marvel HeroClix: The Blackbird For Sale Set*
  • DC HeroClix: Batman Commissioner Gordon For Sale Figure*
  • Star Trek HeroClix Away Team: Kirk and Uhura For Sale Figure*

* product availability subject to change and limited in quantity.

The 2018 WizKids National Championships will be the first time where Dice Masters players can win:

 Marvel Dice Masters Multiple Man: Pile On! Foil Card

  • DC Dice Masters Batgirl: Babs Foil Card
  • Marvel Dice Masters Shriek: Dark Empathy Foil Card
  • Marvel Dice Masters Wolverine: Patch Foil Card
  • Marvel Dice Masters M.O.D.O.K.: Most Powerful Brain Alive Foil Card
  • Marvel Dice Masters Dormmamu: Burning Ambition Foil Card
  • DC Dice Masters Bane: Venom Enchanced Foil Card
  • DC Dice Masters Clayface: The Clayface of Tragedy Foil Card
  • DC Dice Masters Superman: Symbol of Hope Foil Card
  • TMNT Dice Masters Momentum: Basic Action Card Foil Card


– The WizKids Team