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WizKids HeroClix: Undead – Death

Greetings, HeroClix Fans! Few, if any, of the characters and creatures in the WizKids HeroClix: Undead Gravity Feed set have a more notorious reputation than Death itself! Click to enlarge. Hailing from [...]

August 22nd, 2017|

WizKids HeroClix: Undead – Skeletons

Greetings, HeroClix Fans! While you’re hunting for the WizKids HeroClix: Undead monsters, don’t forget to look for Skeletons in the closet! Click to enlarge. One Skeleton may not seem too threatening but [...]

August 17th, 2017|


Greetings HeroClix fans! We are getting close to GenCon and hope to see many of you there! We’re also getting close to posting the new rules and Powers and Abilities Card (PAC), releasing with [...]

August 14th, 2017|

WizKids HeroClix: Undead – Jacob Marley

Greetings HeroClix fans! We are very excited to preview a classic character from Wizkids’ own HeroClix: Undead creature feature, the ghost of Jacob Marley! Click to enlarge. Rising from the Ghost Realm, [...]

August 8th, 2017|