Greetings HeroClix Masterminds! 

As discussed in our previous Equipment Rules article, the updated Comprehensive Rulebook has been published on our Rules page HERE. We look forward to seeing the new strategies and tactics the equipment update will let everyone cook up! 


Sealed Events & Batman Team-Up 

As those following Scott Porter’s unboxing series know, DC HeroClix: Batman Team-Up does not follow the standard booster model for a HeroClix set. In each booster, one of the common figures is replaced with a random Equipment-Object or Lantern Construct. Given the number of objects and constructs in this set, this was the best way to get these valuable game elements into player’s hands. However, while this set was designed to be playable in sealed with only four combat dials per booster, some players may want to use the constructs they open to augment their Sealed experience. For those players, we suggest the following special rules: 

Battle Royales: Before drafting the opened booster, each player sets aside the object or construct from their booster to use on their force. For objects, they may be assigned for free to any character. For constructs, they may be included on the starting force as a 0 point bystander and this game they do not use their Construct ability. 

Two Booster Sealed: Objects cost points to assign as normal. All characters have “POWER: Generate a Construct no friendly character has generated this game. (Using the constructs from the opened boosters.)” 


Thanks for reading – as a treat, please check out this preview of one of the equipment from Batman Team-Up: 

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The HeroClix Design Team