Hello HeroClix Retailers and Players,

As we wrote in March, we wanted to provide an update so players and stores know what to expect.

Retailers continue to report to us that Organized Play is still widely on hold. There will however be two things that stores and players can look forward to. One is that the original Story Line grand prize, Galactus: The Devourer of Worlds, is available for Pre-Order through your local store with an August release date, supplies are limited so make sure you get your order in soon.

When we’re able to run the Story Line series in store, there will be a different Grand Prize available at the end of the Organized Play Series. Also, keep your eyes peeled for details on our upcoming Play At Home Kits! These kits will have a special Promo figure and Map to give you a fun HeroClix experience at home. Since we know lots of our most dedicated fans play with family or roommates, this helps bring the fresh-feeling of in-store play to the kitchen table.

Reminder for Retailers: WizKids Organized Play product is still not able to be resold, but can be awarded at a later date, or given away if local laws allow.

We appreciate everyone’s continued enthusiasm for our games during these unusual times. Look forward to another update from us on Organized Play in September.


The HeroClix Team