HeroClix Fans!

Month 1 of Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine vs. Cyclops Regenesis has been a huge hit! We’ve heard praise from fans and store owners alike. As always, we’re thrilled when the fan response to a release is so positive!

As can be the case, some of our most observant and creative fans have noticed an opportunity for this event to be even more fun and exciting than our suggested plan. Right now, the suggested format for each month (full details here) allows players to build a 200-point team and get 2 actions per turn. The suggested change from some stores and fans would allow for players to instead build a 250-point team (in Month 2) and a 300-point team (in Month 3) using 3 actions (in Month 2 and 3).

Why the change? There are a few benefits to allowing more points worth of figures and actions than our initial plan:

  • Players will get to utilize more of the figures they pull from the special OP foil packs!
  • Players will get to try a greater variety of the special Utopia and Jean Grey’s School special powers found on their OP figures!
  • Extra actions will let players have a better chance to beat opponents who may’ve had very lucky pulls from the sealed product!

All this being said – stores know best what their players are interested in, and they should communicate in advance of their event which format they’ll be implementing (the original suggested format, this alternative format, or some other format).

– The WizKids Team