Greetings HeroClix Players,

The 2018 Road to Worlds starts in June with the United Kingdom kicking it off with the HeroClix U.K. National Championship being held at the U.K. Games Expo June 1st – 3rd and the HeroClix U.S. National Championship being held at Origins Game Fair June 13th – 17th. As we draw closer to June, we want to go over legal game elements for the upcoming tournaments. In addition to all the HeroClix premier events, there will be a variety of side events throughout the weekend giving players a chance to win rare Convention Exclusive prizes. On top of that, we will have For Sale Promos available for purchase. For more details please visit the 2018 WizKids Road to Worlds National Championships webpage here.

PLEASE NOTE: The HeroClix National Championship events will only be open to players that qualified:

  • Last year’s defending HeroClix National Champions
  • Players who qualified in the 2017-2018 WizKids Open HeroClix Regional Championship events
  • Players who qualified in any Sealed/Constructed HeroClix Qualifiers at any of this year’s Nationals events

Please check here for a list of qualified players; if you believe your name is missing from this list, please contact us via Facebook or email

Modern Age Legality

On March 21st, we announced the 2018 Modern Age HeroClix Rotation effective June 1st, 2018, which stated that 5-figure booster sets like Marvel HeroClix: Nick Fury: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., DC HeroClix: World’s Finest, and many other HeroClix releases will be rotating from Modern Age to Golden Age. For A full list of which game elements will be rotating to Golden Age, please check that announcement here. Additionally, there are some questions circulating about this year’s Convention Exclusives and their legality for the upcoming HeroClix premier events beginning in June which we want to address here.

Exclusive HeroClix game elements released at conventions and official tournaments are not legal in a Constructed Event until one (1) week after the end of the first month the game elements were available.

For this year, the first date many of this year’s Convention Exclusives will be available is June 1st, 2018, so those Exclusives will not be tournament legal until July 7th, 2018. Promo prize figures and game elements from the 2017-2018 Fall and Winter WizKids Open like Lockjaw and Shadowcat, are currently legal.

Further details on the legality rules and a full list of Modern Age releases can be found on this page. (Please look for the section that is effective after the Modern Age Rotation on June 1st, 2018).

Map Legality and Selection

When filling out an Army Sheet, players must indicate at least (1) and a maximum of (3) Modern Age tournament legal maps that they may choose to use when they are given the option to choose a map for their game. When selecting a map for a round, players must select a Modern Age tournament legal map listed on their Army Sheet. Worth noting, there are some maps that are not tournament legal despite being in Modern Age, such as Dark Dimension from Avengers/Defenders War and Speakeasy from Deadpool and X-Force. To be clear, while those two maps may not be selected, the other side of those two specific maps (Wakanda and Cargo Plane respectively) can be selected and used. For a full list of Modern Age tournament legal Maps, please check here. (Please look for the section that is effective after the Modern Age Rotation on June 1st, 2018). 

PLEASE NOTE: When listing a map option to list on the Army Sheet and when selecting maps for play, players may only list/select one playable side of a map and may only select the indicated side of the map.

Example: The double-sided map that was part of the Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Infinity set has two playable sides—Halfworld & Galador Promenade. If a player lists Halfworld on their Army Sheet (and does not have Galador Promenade listed), that player may only select to use the Halfworld side of the map—they may not use the side that was not listed on their Army Sheet (Galador Promenade).

We recommend all players bookmark this 2018 HeroClix Nationals Legality Announcement for future reference, and for easier access to the many links with pertinent information to prepare for upcoming events. We hope to see players compete in the many HeroClix National Championships all over the world and before we say farewell and best of luck, we would also like to leave some previews from the 2018 Road To Worlds Championship season. Enjoy!

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-The WizKids Team