UPDATE: Rules Forum & GenCon Scoring Test

Dear HeroClix Fans!

A couple of updates we thought you would be interested in.

First, the rules forum is humming along.  We are pleased to report that the majority of questions have been answered by pointing out where they can be found in the core or comprehensive rulebook.  There have been some specific figures that have required very prudent rulings, as well as a few questions that have required more thoughtful consideration.  So far so good, and we appreciate that people are being judicious with their questions as it allows us to  respond within a few business days.  The less “look at page X” we receive, the more we’re able to provide rapid responses to the community, so thank you!

Second, we promised we’d report on the trial run for a potential new scoring system we ran at GenCon (see here: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/06/30/design-insight-a-look-at-heroclix-tournament-scoring/). In short it would need substantial modification and further trial.  The majority thought the method was too confusing and there were glitches in the software that lead to delays. Additionally, after a match was over, there was no way to compare the results of your match with others in between rounds to know how you did.  Most respondents said the goals were worthy and we are thinking about ways where a set score allows you to leave the match knowing your “score” and could then compare that “score” immediately with other players.  It could be as simple as Survival Points/2 + KO points scored.  However, questions come up like if those points carry over from round to round, or if the gamecounts as a win if you’re in the top 50% and then the points are left behind?  Regardless, there is nothing further planned on this initiative at this time, and probably nothing until early 2018 at the earliest.  Thank you to the attendees for their feedback and patience.

That’s it for now, hope you’re enjoying the latest sets and please work with stores on making successful SideKick Nights!  This is a huge opportunity to introduce new players and lapsed players to the benefits of the new rules.  You don’t need to bring a new player to make a difference; ask your store if you can help or volunteer to run one!

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