Greetings, HeroClix Fans!

Today’s preview of the WizKids HeroClix: Undead  Gravity Feed is a strange case indeed as we meet Dr. Jekyll!

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Appearing initially as mild Scientist Dr. Jekyll, you can keep your opponent guessing when the murderous Monster within will be unleashed!

The trait to trigger the duality of Dr. Jekyll … And Mr. Hyde requires a Power Action while on a red click number to change from a man of science to a beast of monstrous power. When he makes the switch to Hyde, three potion tokens are placed on his card, and then are removed one at a time at the beginning of each of your turns. When he has no potion tokens, he is turned back to a red click of the same number as his current blue click.

Dr. Jekyll has Stealth for his entire dial in human form to keep himself safely hidden until you need to use his Support power to heal friendly characters, or until you decide to reveal the evil within. After the first three clicks of Support, the special power Brilliant Insights gives Dr. Jekyll the use of both Outwit and Perplex, making the end of his dial very handy to counter powers and alter combat values with his genius intellect.

If you decide to make the switch to Mr. Hyde right away, you’ll see that the transformation changes Dr. Jekyll into a powerhouse with Super Strength for all 5 clicks, as well as Battle Fury to signify his released rage. His special defensive power for the entire Hyde dial is Peak Human Condition, which shows this mutated form having a thick hide in the form of Toughness and increased stamina represented by Willpower.

The beastly blue-numbered clicks begin with Sidestep as the good doctor gets used to his new form and changes to Charge as the violent personality lunges into close combat.

Players will need to be careful with their timing to be in a safe position with the potion tokens run out and the threatening Hyde’s deadly combat values morph back into the vulnerable Dr. Jekyll’s human form.

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