WizKids HeroClix: Undead – Zombie Horde Themed Team

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Today we continue previewing classic horror characters from WizKids own HeroClix: Undead  gravity feed set. This time we’ll switch gears and discuss a Named Themed Team build using two figures you might have seen previewed and a third you haven’t. Using several Zombies, Zombie Shamblers, and Zombie Abraham Lincoln, we are going to build a 300 point Zombie Horde Themed Team!

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To give this team a proper go you are going to need a fair number of figures, 5 Zombies, 3 Zombie Shamblers, and one Zombie Abraham Lincoln. Nine characters are a lot to work with on a 300-point team and normally you would find yourself out of actions very quickly.  However, all the figures on this team have a trait called Zombie Horde that should help you get around that restriction easily. Zombie Horde activates  at the beginning of your turn, and lets you choose either MOVE or CLOSE for all characters with this trait. Everyone with the Zombie Horde keyword (this entire team) can take actions of the chosen type without them counting against your action total. That means for the opening turns you can give all 9 of your characters MOVE actions to creep up to your opponent. When you have them in your clutches, you can instead give everyone CLOSE actions to chew through opponents as quickly as you can. If you still need to get a few into position, you can choose CLOSE, give up to three characters move actions to use your action total, and then give the rest CLOSE actions that don’t count against your action total, or vice versa.

Your 5 regular cheap Zombies are slow moving with only a 4 Speed value but with the trait and the Indomitable ability they’ll eventually make it into play. They start with a click of Incapacitate and two clicks of Toughness which means these guys will be a fine answer to anyone with damage reducing powers because they can almost always push someone or cause an unavoidable damage if they already have two tokens. Give enough of them CLOSE actions in one turn against the same target and if your dice roll well, you can take a character with no tokens who is ready to fight back against you to being stuck having two tokens and taking damage from it.

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The Zombie Shamblers have a bit more life to them with 5 clicks where the Zombies have 3, two more clicks of Toughness and they trade the single click of Incapacitate for three clicks of Sidestep. At 25 points, you’ll need three of these fellows to make the team. They will make good for tie up or line of fire blocking until the rest of your horde can catch up to start Incapacitating their waiting meals.

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At last we have the team president, Zombie Abraham Lincoln, and we are so glad he could make it to the show. At his top dial of 150 points he rounds out or team at 300. Honestly Hungry Abe is the toughest of the bunch with a dial as long as he is tall at 10 clicks; 4 of which have Invincible and the rest with Toughness. Though not much faster than his cabinet members and advisors above, he begins his term as the Tallest Of The Horde which gives him the use of Charge and Sidestep. When he hits with a close attack, other friendly Zombie Horde characters can make close attacks targeting a character hit by Zombie Abraham Lincoln that turn for free. The chances are good you’ll get a few extra swings with flailing zombie limbs since Zombie Abraham Lincoln also has the Indomitable ability. Zombie Abraham Lincoln starts with Probability Control as well as a few clicks of Steal Energy on the front half of his dial. For his later half, he stays mobile with Sidestep and gains two additional special powers on attack and damage. With his attack special, Leader Of The Zombies, you will want to keep his friends close-by because he modifies his attack value by +1 if he is adjacent to at least one friendly character with the Zombie Horde keyword. Also, he modifies his damage by +1 if 3 or more characters with the Zombie Horde keyword are adjacent to him. Finally, his damage special Four Score And Seven Years Ago can activate when a Friendly Character attacks and rolls either a 4 or a 7 on the attack roll. If they do, you may either remove an action token from the attacking  friendly character, or give the attack target an action token after actions resolve. Zombie Abraham Lincoln gives you plenty of opportunity to press an action advantage with free attacks a well as potential action token shenanigans no matter where he is on his dial, except his last click. He is mostly dead on that one.

While this team doesn’t have much in terms of range attacks, careful positioning can make your approach strong when you reach the opposition. Energy Explosion will be a problem for you, but on the flip side,Pulse Wave shouldn’t do much damage to any one figure unless you’re getting down pretty low on numbers. The other upside is, you have a +9 to your map initiative roll and should have a very strong chance to choose the best map to turn into a zombie cafeteria. You will want a map that doesn’t have a lot of wide open spaces for your opponent to move freely or get long lines of fire. Also, you’ll preferably want a map with one elevation so opponents can’t set up a strong range attacker or block your movement with different elevations and hindering terrain so you can fight with your Zombie Horde in a group. Looking at the WizKids Premium Maps, the WizKids Offices map fits the bill perfectly, and seems somehow poetic.

Thanks for reading!  Join us again as we reveal more ghastly ghouls and monsters from the WizKids HeroClix: Undead set and visit the WizKids Info Network to find upcoming Events near you!

Until next time, all this talk of zombies is making me hungry for beef jerky!

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