WizKids HeroClix: Undead – Dr. Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Monster

Greetings HeroClix fans! Today we continue previewing classic horror characters from WizKids own HeroClix: Undead gravity feed set. Today we have a double feature for Dr. Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Monster!

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WizKids brings a classic horror tale to life with this pair of figures. Mad Scientist Dr. Frankenstein is the healer extraordinaire for any Monster team, especially one that includes his master creation. For 30 points Dr. Frankenstein brings Support for your Monster keyword teammates as a free action with his trait IT’S ALIIIIIIVE!!!!. Also, when he uses Support,  he increases the result of the healing by 1. Whether your Monster’s problems are anatomical or mechanical,  Dr. Frankenstein can get around to efficiently work his twisted miracles with Sidestep and Willpower. With an endless passion for his works, his Mad Scientist special power on damage lets him use Perplex to target only characters with the Monster keyword. If he targets a character named Frankenstein’s Monster he can modify a combat value by +2 or -2. He has the Monster keyword in addition to Scientist, so he is able to Perplex from Mad Scientist on himself. His combat values and dial length are comparable for a normal middle aged human, but don’t overlook his range value of 6 or you could be caught by surprise by a thrown beaker, or whatever gadgets he keeps in his lab coat. Now for Dr. Frankenstein’s best intentions gone awry….


Sewn together from human parts found in a graveyard and given reanimated life by Dr. Frankenstein, Frankenstein’s Monster had no proper name. Though wanting only peace and happiness for himself, the local townsfolk feared him. When possessed of an intense rage, he was nearly unstoppable and unshakable in his pursuit for revenge.

Frankenstein’s Monster, of course, has the Monster keyword, Indomitable which allows him ignore push damage with Willpower, and a pair of traits. His first trait, RRRRRGHH! allows you to roll a D6 at the beginning of your turn, and on a result of 4 through 6 he can immediately make a close attack. His second trait, My Creator, grants Support to your friendly characters with the Scientist keyword but only to heal Frankenstein’s Monster itself. However, when targeted with Support, his defense value becomes much easier to hit 14. If it is Dr. Frankenstein using Support, he can use it while either of them are in base contact with an opposing character. The possibility of making two attacks each turn is very powerful, in addition to a 50% chance to make a free attack  even when he has two action tokens. And with Dr. Frankenstein’s +2 Perplex available, Frankenstein’s Monster can dish out a ton of damage.  Frankenstein’s Monster can also be healed with Support even if he is next to an opposing character, allowing him to stay healed up while he is fighting. All of that for only 60 points?  Awesome! What does the rest of his dial look like?

Frankenstein’s Monster stays mobile for his 6 click long dial with two clicks of Charge to start off and lumbering the rest of the way with Sidestep. For over half of his dial he has Super Strength to land a big hit with a Heavy object. He can take a beating with his starting click of Invulnerability with an 18 defense value that turns to Toughness and steadily dwindling combat values for the rest of his dial. Battle Fury keeps him immune from Mind Control and Incapacitate and lets him see through the disguises of Shape Change for his entire run. If you can protect the mad doctor and keep his monster’s Perplex up and healed, this 90 point will be tough to take down!.

Thanks for reading! Join us again as we reveal more ghastly ghouls and monsters from the WizKids HeroClix: Undead set and visit the WizKids Info Network to find upcoming Events near you!

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