WizKids HeroClix: Undead – Jacob Marley

Greetings HeroClix fans! We are very excited to preview a classic character from Wizkids’ own HeroClix: Undead creature feature, the ghost of Jacob Marley!

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Rising from the Ghost Realm, Jacob Marley haunts your HeroClix table, perhaps also convincing your opponent to repent their greedy and miserly ways. Jacob Marley has a short three click dial, but with 35 points to add to your force, he is sure to make his point known before disappearing back into the ether. Jacob has a range value of 4 and the Flight symbol, but his trait Ghostly Form limits his ability to use the Carry ability somewhat by only allowing him to carry other characters with the Ghost Realm keyword regardless of their speed symbol. This can come in handy with his Improved Movement: Ignore Blocking Terrain and Character Bases symbols that let him phase through walls and characters alike. Jacob Marley will be making copious use of that movement feature with his special power on movement Ghastly Chill, as a Free Action you may choose a character that Jacob Marley moved through that turn. As a Unique Modifier, that character suffers a -2 to their attack value until your next turn, but that’s not all! After resolution, you and the opponent each roll two dice and if your roll is higher, that character is dealt 1 penetrating damage and Jacob heals one click. He has Ghastly Chill for his entire dial so it is possible to heal him back to his starting click where he also has an 11 attack value with Incapacitate to really bog down your opponent, gripping them with fear. When he isn’t incapacitating, he has Exploit Weakness to make sure his base 1 damage value sticks. He won’t be the easiest ghost for your opponent to banish either with a starting 18 defense and Super Senses for his whole dial. Jacob Marley is also the only character in the set to have a team ability and a useful one at that. He has the Snowfall team symbol which makes him a Wildcard; able to copy the team abilities of your other characters so he will do well mixing with the rest of your HeroClix collection.

As always, thanks for reading! Join us again as we reveal more ghastly ghouls and monsters from the HeroClix: Undead set and visit the WizKids Info Network to find upcoming Events near you!

Until next time, count your clix like Ebenezer Scrooge counts his coins!

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