WizKids Worlds Exclusive Retailer Announcement

Are you excited for Worlds 2019? We have more great news for you! Troll and Toad will be attending as the exclusive retailer for the event. We look forward to seeing you at the WizKids World Championships, September 6-8th at the Graceland Exhibition Center in Memphis, TN! To learn more about Troll And Toad, [...]

2019 World Championship Announcement

Hello HeroClix, Dice Masters and Star Trek: Attack Wing players! We are excited to announce that the 2019 Road to Worlds leads to Memphis, Tennessee and the home of entertainment legend Elvis Presley—Graceland! Come join us Friday, September 6 through Sunday, September 8 in the Graceland Exhibition Center for the 2019 World Championships for [...]

World Championships Update!

Greetings WizKids Fans, WizKids is pleased to formally announce that the World Championships will be taking place this year on November 30th– December 2nd, at PAX Unplugged at the Philadelphia Convention Center located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Badges go on sale Thursday, May 17th at 3pm and for additional information as it becomes available, check here. [...]

2017 Star Trek: Attack Wing World Championship Top Teams

1st – Jordan Kott Fleet – 130 SP Co Pilot - 5 SP U.S.S. Enterprise – 22 SP Kor – 6 (5+1) SP Ibix Dynasty 6(5+1) SP Photonic Torpedos 0(2-2) SP Sakonna – 3 (2+1) SP Worf – 3 (2+1) SP Deanna Troi – 3 SP Li Nalas – 3 (2+1) SP [...]

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Origins Update – U.S. National & World Championships!

Hello WizKids Fans! We recently released a schedule of events that will be happening at Origins 2017.  In a continuing effort to improve our major tournaments, we are implementing several changes to not only the schedule and types of events being offered but also to our own tournament management process. We wanted to take a moment [...]

D&D Attack Wing U.S. National and World Champion Gene Zuratynsky

D&D Attack Wing U.S. National and World Champion Gene Zuratynsky D&D Attack Wing Fans! We want to take this opportunity to congratulate Gene Zuratynsky, the 2016 D&D Attack Wing U.S. National and World Champion! Gene travelled to Origins Game Fair for the chance to win two titles and came out on top in both [...]

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2016 D&D Attack Wing World Championship Top Builds

1st – Gene Zuratynsky Fleet – 150 LP Maurghoros – 60 LP Flame Breath – 5 LP Shadow Breath – 5 LP Legendary Resistance – 2 LP Mirror Image – 2 LP Magic Missile – 1 LP Owain Montis – 35 LP Giant Vulture – 3 LP Power Attack – 3 LP Saddle of [...]

2016 Star Trek: Attack Wing World Championship Top Builds

1st – Peter Smith Fleet – 120 SP Bioship Beta – 38 SP Khan Singh – 4 SP Lure – 5 SP Organic Conduits – 1 SP Sakharov – 14 SP Federation – 0 SP Cloaked Mines – 4 (3+1) SP Projected Stasis Field – 4 (5+1-2) SP U.S.S. Hathaway – 22 SP Kor [...]

2016 WizKids U.S. Nationals and World Championships WINNERS!

Last week, at Origins Game Fair, WizKids hosted the 2016 U.S. National and World Championships for HeroClix, Dice Masters, and Attack Wing. This year we had more events and a bigger turn out than ever! In fact, we had over 4000 event entries this year! We would like to thank everyone that came out and [...]