D&D Attack Wing U.S. National and World Champion Gene Zuratynsky

D&D Attack Wing Fans!

We want to take this opportunity to congratulate Gene Zuratynsky, the 2016 D&D Attack Wing U.S. National and World Champion! Gene travelled to Origins Game Fair for the chance to win two titles and came out on top in both tournaments!

WIN ID: Wargamer99· Location: Swansea IL (near St Louis)· Favorite Venues: Fantasy Books and Games, Chicagoland Games Dice Dojo

We spoke to Gene about the game and his experience at the U.S. National and World Championships. Although he was shocked and surprised at the outcome, Gene enjoyed the competition, getting to play against the best players in the game. He has been playing D&D Attack Wing since the Tyranny of Dragons Storyline Organized Play and has been practicing his build at local and regional events.

When asked how he came up with his winning builds, Gene recognizes his focus on constructing a team around Owain Montis, the Earth Genasi Fighter.

 “I had been using Owain Montis in a lot of my organized play builds over the various storylines. So when organized play raised the legion limit to 150 points for regionals/Wizkids Open, I built a legion around a buffed Owain as well as included a versatile dragon (maurghoros the dracolich so I could equip two different breath weapons with different areas of effect) and a third figure as support (dwarven ballista was a good choice with 5 attack dice to range 4). It was very successful at regionals. I had to make minor adjustments for nationals to account for the obstacles such as adding precise shot to the ballista.” – Gene Zuratynsky

As the winner of a National Championship, Gene was awarded the D&D Attack Wing Shadow Beholder, Drider and Nalfeshnee Demon Prize Packs along with a qualification for 2016 D&D Attack Wing World Championship and 2017 D&D Attack Wing National Championship.

After winning the National Champion title, Gene continued to test his skill on the tabletop of the 2016 D&D Attack Wing World Championship. After multiple swiss rounds followed by a single-elimination Top 4 cut, Gene dominated the field and earned his World Champion title, doubled his prize packs, and reserved his seat in the 2017 D&D Attack Wing World Championship.

With such success against the competition, we asked Gene for any insight he can give to new players on how to become better. His advice is to, “Practice maneuvering so as to get a better idea where a piece will end up and what attack arcs will be available. Also try not to rush through steps so as to not forget things like changing altitude.”

After a long week of excitement at Origins Game Fair, we can only hope to see so many great players at the U.S. National and World Championships next year. Congratulations again to Gene and the other champions that dominated the tabletops. We want to thank everyone that came out and competed in the 2016 events. We hope to see you in 2017!

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