HeroClix Fans!

We’ve heard from many of you that you’re excited for the release of Marvel HeroClix: X-Men Rise and Fall. We haven’t shared a new release date yet, and wanted to take this opportunity to explain the situation with this upcoming release in particular as well as our release date policy in general.

Our releases typically are announced by month and year (e.g. July 2021). That release timing assumes typical delays in moving the product from the factory to the store, but it does not presume delays at every possible step. We update our release month to a release day (and a Pre-Release window) once we’re highly confident that the product will be able to arrive in the majority of stores on that date.

The international shipping situation isn’t great right now. You may have seen signals of this in your life outside of HeroClix with stores having stock outages, and other hobby companies having delivery issues. Because of this, we will not be providing a new release date for retailers and players until the product is in our control and we can ensure X-Men Rise and Fall will be available to a majority of stores around the same time period. As of today (July 9th, 2021) we hope that such a date will be forthcoming soon. Since some of the product has moved, we take that to be a positive indicator and wanted to share the good news alongside the uncertainty with our partners and fans.

While situations like this can be frustrating for all of us, we want to thank you for your understanding and continued HeroClix support.

The WizKids Team