Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome to another exciting preview of the upcoming DC HeroClix: Wonder Woman Gravity Feed. Headlining her own HeroClix set for the first time, we present to you DC’s very own Amazonian princess, Wonder Woman!

DC HeroClix: Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman

The flagship character of this set is built perfectly to fight alongside her Amazonian sisters in glorious battle. Wonder Woman possesses multiple abilities that will allow her to work well with those that share her Amazon keyword. She also still packs quite a punch if used on a Justice League or Warrior themed team.

Wonder Woman’s trait, Amazon Sisterhood, lets Wonder Woman use Super Senses, which provides her with the possibility of evading attacks in addition to the powers that give her Toughness in her Defense slot. Amazonian Sisterhood also stacks with other friendly characters with this trait to pile on Amazonian tokens when one of these characters makes an attack.

What do these Amazonian tokens do? Wonder Woman’s special Defense power Battle-Hardened explains it to us: Friendly characters within 1 square that have an Amazonian token can use Shape Change. An Amazonian token will be removed if they succeed in a use of this Shape Change. Battle-Hardened also provides Wonder Woman with Toughness.

Looking at rest of this dial, we see a formidable close-combat piece. The starting combination of Flurry and Blades/Claws/Fangs can be devastating. Although Wonder Woman does not possess a method to attack the same turn she moves at the top of her dial, she is helped by Indomitable, which will let her take a second action token without pushing damage. After Flurry, she has Sidestep, which gives her a little extra mobility for positioning while retaining Blades/Claws/Fangs. These two clicks in the middle of her dial also show Close Combat Expert, which gives her even more offensive options after taking a few clicks of damage.

The end of Wonder Woman’s dial brings slightly less damage potential since her Blades give way to Quake, but she’s still plenty of useful while also having Charge and Toughness. Wonder Woman will be busy on the battlefield alongside her fellow Amazons. Don’t forget about her JLA team ability which will probably be most useful at the beginning of the game when you’re moving figures into position and may need the extra action.

Thanks for reading! Join us again as we reveal more exciting characters from our upcoming releases. Until next time, HeroClix fans – keep on ‘Clixin!