Dear HeroClix players,

We are excited to host the HeroClix U.S. Nationals Championship at GenCon 2022!

GenCon event Registration opens this Sunday, May 15.

In order to qualify to play in the Championship rounds, we are offering four qualifier events— one on Thursday afternoon, two on Friday and one Saturday morning. Due to limited space, each qualifier is capped at 16 players.

For those of you wishing to attend and compete, please see important registration information below:

  • Registered players should fill out their Force Sheet in advance and arrive 20 minutes prior to start time to verify their team. Current Force Sheet can be found at: Tournament Rules | HeroClix (
  • The top 4 players from each qualifier event will advance to the HeroClix U.S. Nationals Championship (NMN22213253). We ask that attendees only register to play in a qualifier event if they are available for the times of the HeroClix U.S. Nationals Championship should they qualify.
  • Attendees may only pre-register for one qualifier event. If a player does not qualify in that event and wishes to join a subsequent qualifier event, please check with the HeroClix registration staff 15 minutes prior to the qualifier event to see if space is available (generic tickets will be required to register at the time of the event). If a player registers for more than one qualifier event, their registration for the first event will be kept and their registrations in later events will be removed and their fee refunded.
  • If a player qualifies, they may not register for a subsequent qualifier event, even if space is available (and, if they are registered, their registration will be removed).
  • If there are fewer than 16 players at the start time of the HeroClix U.S. Nationals Championship, additional players will be invited to play according to their placement in their qualifier event starting with the 5th place player in each qualifier and then proceeding down the standings until all 16 spots are filled. Players who did not qualify, but are close in the standings are encouraged to be at the HeroClix registration area with the required entry fee in generic tickets at the start time of the HeroClix U.S. Nationals Championship in case spots become available.

Thank you… and we hope to see you at GenCon!

-The WizKids Team