HeroClix Fans! With the convention season quickly approaching, the HeroClix team is excited to share our initial plans with you. Whether you’re a collector or avid player, we’ll have something for you in 2022!


July – San Diego Comic Con

We’ll have two convention exclusive promos premiering at San Diego Comic Con:

Marvel HeroClix: Phoenix Sentinel (84825)
A COLOSSAL threat to the X-Men, straight from the worst parts of Mojoworld! The Phoenix Sentinel! Perfect for fighting the mutant threat or giving your HeroClix team a cosmic boost!

DC HeroClix: Batman & Catwoman Wedding Promo (84009)
Batman & Catwoman together at last! This HeroClix figure brings the incredible cover to life on the tabletop.

August – Gen Con

We will return to Gen Con this summer! The team will provide full information as the show dates get closer. In addition to the promos first available at San Diego Comic Con, players can also purchase the following convention exclusives:

DC Comics HeroClix: Harley Quinn (84011)
How is Harley’s hammer like a telescope? It will help your opponent see stars! Harley is a great addition to any collection.

Marvel HeroClix: Spider-Hulk (84814)
The Hulk finds a new host: The Amazing Spider-Man! Bruce Banner may be free of the Hulk, but the rest of us aren’t!

Marvel HeroClix: Fantastic Thors Exclusive 4-Figure Set (84826)
The Fantastic Thors are members of the Thor Corps who helped defend Battleworld’s Shield during its final siege. Find out for yourself how they’ll defend your team!

September – WizKids World Championships

WizKids World Championships will return to Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee! Full event details coming soon. In addition to the promos available from earlier in the convention season, players can also get the following convention exclusives:

Marvel HeroClix: Ashley Barton Exclusive Figure (84827)
From the universe of Old Man Logan to fighting along other Spider-Totems, there’s nothing Ashley Barton can’t do!

Marvel HeroClix: Warp World Phoenix (84812)
Gamora’s attempts to rewrite reality birthed Warp World! With heroes like Phoenix, your adventures will be twice as exciting!

DC Comics HeroClix: Punchline (84010)
Punchline went from a troubled teen to following the ideology of a madman!

DC Comics HeroClix: Dark Nights Death Metal Wonder Woman (84012)
Wonder Woman has had many looks before – but never before has she wielded the Lasso of Truth Chainsaw!

Thank you to the passionate HeroClix fanbase! We may still announce other shows and events, but these will be our primary events! Our team is excited to see you in-person again soon and ready to watch you battle on tabletops around the country and soon, around the world!