Hello HeroClix Family,

As many of you know, every summer we offer an in-store HeroClix event program, during which we give out fantastic grand prizes as a reward for your engagement, support of the game and your local store. And this year, we planned a colossal prize of immense proportions – our specially sculpted, mammoth Marvel HeroClix: Galactus The Devourer Premium Colossal Figure!

Sadly, something we never anticipated happened with the introduction of the novel coronavirus. Running an in-store program was suddenly not safe and, in many cases, not feasible. Despite this, we wanted to get 2020’s amazing prize figure to you. So, we decided to make it a for-sale item.

…And our exclusive 2020 figure has received overwhelming response from the community! In fact, not long after making it available for pre-order, we were stunned to find out that our first shipment sold out before it released.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we will be shipping a second wave of this figure to help meet demand! While this new shipment will not be available in time for the September release, it will be available and in stores by the end of November, and pre-orders are open now:

Pre-Order the November shipment of the Galactus Premium Figure at your local game store or online today!

-The WizKids Team