HeroClix Players!

With less than a week to go, excitement is building up for WizKids World Championships! Even though there are only a few days until the festivities begin, we’ve still got more for attendees to look forward to!

As mentioned before in the article ”It’s Time To Skirmish” we’re hosting a special exclusive event on the final day of World Championships (Sunday, September 8th). Fourteen lucky participants will be picked at 12:00pm, and players will be seated to begin the Skirmish event at 1:00pm. Players can expect different prizes for this special event including Sealed Boosters, Convention Exclusives, and some highly demanded Battle Royale Sized-Maps!

That being said, it is important to note that while the highly anticipated X-Men The Animated Series, The Dark Phoenix Saga will not be tournament legal for the HeroClix World Championship, despite it being available for Battle Royales and the HeroClix Team World Championship, it will be allowed for the Special Skirmish event. What better way to try out a new format with some brand new HeroClix!?

We’re excited for this format and look forward to seeing how the fans enjoy it. With a format so fresh, fans in Memphis may witness the birth of all-new strategies!

If you can’t make it to WizKids World Championships don’t worry! We’ll be covering all of the action on WizKids.com, and our social media channels. If you’re itching to play some HeroClix, X-Men The Animated Series, The Dark Phoenix Saga Pre-Releases begin on Wednesday, September 4th, and officially releases on Wednesday, September 11th. Without further ado, please enjoy these previews from the upcoming set that have yet to be revealed. Maybe you’ll get a chance to open them at your next event!

That’s all for today! Best of luck to everyone at the upcoming World Championship events as well as your pre-release events!

-The WizKids Team