Hello HeroClix, Dice Masters and Star Trek: Attack Wing players!

The WizKids World Championship is fast approaching and with it, time is running out to book your stay in the WizKids Room Block at The Guest House at Graceland! In order to accommodate the greatest number of fans possible, we’ve added more rooms to the block, which closes this Sunday, August 25! Booking your stay in the WizKids Room Block will grant you the opportunity purchase the EXCLUSIVE WizKids Worlds TCB Tour Package!

The WizKids World Championship TCB Tour Package features a variety of exciting items at a rate of $49 per person and includes the exclusive Marvel HeroClix: Storm 2019 Convention Exclusive Figure (not yet released) and DC Comics HeroClix: Bombshell Raven Convention Exclusive Figure (shown above), an Elvis Experience tour ticket, and a voucher for a free Battle Royale featuring Marvel HeroClix: X-Men The Animated Series The Dark Phoenix Saga (while supplies last)

This special package is only available to those who have registered at The Guest House at Graceland and is ONLY available for purchase through September 1st!
This package CANNOT be purchased on-site, so don’t wait!

Register for your room now using the instructions here: https://wizkids.io/2XYDD44

If you already booked your room, call 1-800-238-2000 or 901-332-3322 to purchase your TCB Tour Package if you haven’t already! Please have your confirmation ready.

To summarize those dates again:

Sunday, August 25 – WizKids Worlds Championship room block in The Guest House at Graceland closes – call 1-800-238-2000 and press 4 to reserve now!

Sunday, September 1 – Wizkids World Championship TCB Tour Package special offer closes – when you have reserved your room, call 1-800-238-2000 and press 3 to reserve your tour package!

As a thank you for all your HeroClix support, here’s a preview from our upcoming WWE HeroClix: Series 1 release!

Click here to learn more about the WizKids 2019 World Championships!

\We look forward to seeing at Graceland!
-The WizKids Team