Greetings HeroClix players!

WizKids is announcing today that the 2019 U.K. HeroClix Nationals will be organized by a local store and not be held at the 2019 U.K. Games Expo. Once those details are finalized we will update our 2019 Road To Worlds National Championship page with all the necessary information such as, location, dates, times, etc.

We understand that many of you made plans to attend U.K. Games Expo and participate in the event, for that we apologize for any inconvenience. You will still be able to compete for all the new and exciting prizes at the venue to be named later. We appreciate your understanding as we continue to support and grow our HeroClix community.

U.S. Nationals will be the first event to kick off all the 2019 HeroClix National Championships taking place in June. You can expect all other HeroClix National events to take place between July and November of this year. As soon as each nation’s information becomes available, we will update that nation’s status on our 2019 Road To Worlds National Championship page.

-WizKids Team